How do I post a picture?

Okay. Let’s see if I can post a picture.
Snowy Day in Shropshire, 9 Feb 2006

Oooh. Looks like I can! And just to be really “show-offy” I think I’ve managed to link it to flickr. Splendid.

We only had the snow for about 48 hours tops. This photo was taken about 4.30 in the afternoon, and by the next morning it had practically all gone.

I don’t like snow much (I’m the sort who has a natural ability to slip over at the merest whiff of a flake, usually giving the world a prime view of my undies) but even I’ll admit it can look pretty.

Until it starts the melty thing.

We’re not very good with snow in the UK. More than 10 flakes and things start falling apart. Suddenly it can take people 3 hours to drive 15 miles. Panic buyers empty the shops of staples such as bread and milk. Schools are closed before the first flake has even touched the ground.

Yes… we like a bit of drama.


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