Some Mondays just do not rawk

Especially those Mondays which start after less than 4 hours sleep (which is most Mondays because of that Sunday night ‘end of weekend’ thing that causes the Sunday night insomnia).

I especially hate those Mondays where because of the less than 4 hours sleep thing you plan to leave early and then you actually end up staying 1 and half hours longer than you meant because of something that must be done NOW!. What makes that just a little bit worse is when you only had a half lunch and got in quarter of an hour early. That makes an extra 2 and a bit hours worked over the the normal working day.

You may have guessed today was one of those Mondays.

Those sorts of Mondays just set you up all wrong for the rest of the week.

Bah humbug grumble grumble whinge moan.


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