Today I have mostly been feeling dodgy

Okay. So I got home from work on Tuesday feeling fine, then bizarrely started with a funny tummy. “Hmmm,… Interesting” I thought. Anyway, I went to bed at 9.30pm (mega early for me), had a good night’s sleep and thought I felt better when I woke up.

On the drive to work I realised I didn’t actually feel better at all. I stayed a whole 40 minutes then drove home at warp speed 10 (or whatever warp speed is VERY FAST – I’m not a trekkie/trekker or whatever the politically correct term is) and spent the day alternating between my bed, the sofa and the loo.

Still didn’t feel quite right this morning either, so today has been spent in a largely similar pattern with a bit of  padding aimlessly around the house spotting dust and cobwebs that are above my eyeline thrown in for good measure. As I’m a very small whisker above 5 ft, quite a lot of dust was located.

Uploaded quite a few photos to flickr too. By quite a few I mean about 110. LOL. Now I have to add titles and descriptions to them. I’ll have to do that via the PC as one of the random “I’m not going to do that followed by evil laugh” things about this laptop is that it won’t save descriptions and tags and things.

I miss my other laptop, but this is what happened to it…
…and it would have cost more than a new one to fix unfortunately.

I know it was a bit sad taking a photo of it, but I also took a video and at least I’m not making you look at that!!

And yes (thank you for asking), I am feeling loads better now (I think). I’m going to attempt some dinner anyway!


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