End of a long weekend

This evening is the end of a four day weekend for me. I needed it though. Actually I’m sorry it’s over and I wish it could have gone on a little bit longer.  Definitely needed those four lie ins and am not looking forward to getting up early for work tomorrow.It was good having a pottering around sort of weekend – although it doesn’t feel like 5 minutes since I was smiling smugly to myself thinking that I still had two lie ins left! Got quite a few bits and pieces done. 

Spent loads of time yesterday farting around with the drama group’s website. ( http://www.stagekids.btinternet.co.uk/ ) I’m too pernickity for my own good sometimes, but I’m pleased I’ve got it all more or less up to date because I’d been putting some of it off for about a year. (Literally.) (This phenomenon – do-doo do-do-do – is known at work as “doing a Nezza”.) Stayed up a bit late though and almost undid the good my lie-ins had been doing.

Tried taking my highly non-expensive DVD player that I’ve had for two months back to the shop I got it from today. Last week it just stopped working (and it was only about the 5th time I used it). Had to really fight it to make it give me the DVD back. I thought it might need the lens cleaning, but it wouldn’t even load up the lense cleaner CD. So I marched back into Currys prepared to fight for a new one. Anyway, the guy hooked it up to a TV in the shop and of course the damn thing decided to work perfectly. So I blushed, slunk back out of the shop and took it home again. Damn thing embarrassing me like that.


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