Gardener’s grimace

Spent about five and a half hours in the garden yesterday and didn’t I know it today. Actually I knew about five minutes after I finished due to the stooped over unable to stand completely upright way of walking I had gradually developed over the course of the last hour or so.

But it’s a good ache. An “I really enjoyed being outside in the fresh air” ache. And I don’t think too many people at work noticed the quiet yet heart-rending whimpers that emanated unwittingly from my lips each time I had to get out of my seat to go to the printer, filing cabinet, drinks machine, loo etc. Actually…. scratch the drinks machine comment – I must be honest and admit I didn’t manage a drinks run today. The pain was just too much. Give me a few days and I should be back to normal again.

Hehe. You’d think I was at least 100 wouldn’t you?

Okay, so I admit there may be a slightelement of exaggeration there, but I could feel I’d been outside flexing a few underused muscles. Hopefully did them some good – it’s my alternative to going to the gym afterall.

The front garden does look loads better now anyway. I’ve dug up all the things that turned out to be mistakes, and hopefully tempted some of the sadder looking specimens into perking up a bit by sprinkling around a tasty helping of fish, blood and bone.

Now, as far as the spaces I created are concerned, I just need to gem up on some plants that will hopefully look a bit better than those I’d originally put in.  Have found a good website that might help though: It doesn’t just sell you stuff, but gives you background info and hits and tips on how to do things too. Please keep your fingers and toes crossed I get it right this time.

On an amusing note, a girl who lives opposite me appears to have given birth to a baby boy last Friday. (I got home from work and their house was bedecked with streamers and a helium balloon proclaiming “it’s a baby boy!!”) 

“What’s amusing about that?!” I hear you cry. Okay… it’s probably only amusing to me because I hadn’t even noticed she was pregnant. I swear she’s been out and about until the last minute and just didn’t look “with child”. She and her bloke were out walking their dogs a few days ago, and there wasn’t the merest whisper of a pregant ‘waddle’. And she works as a fitness instructer (getting people to bounce about on tiny trampolines) and I’m sure she’s been doing that until just recently too.

My powers of observation are definitely failing me. (Mind you…. that’s not the most startling neighbourly “thing” that I’ve failed to notice… But that’s a story for another day…) Still, it’s always good to hear news of a safe arrival and I send them my warmest congratulations. Of course unless I repeat these congratulations inside a greetings card I doubt they’ll get them since they (like most of the wider world) have no idea I have a glob.

Ahem blog.


1 Response to “Gardener’s grimace”

  1. 1 Katie March 27, 2007 at 9:30 pm

    Maybe they adopted?

    Nez Sez: Perhaps they did! Hadn’t thought of that, although they do already have one kid the usual way, so not sure. I’ll keep my ear to the ground and see what I hear… ;o)
    Thank you for leaving a comment by the way – I’m pretty new to this, so it’s fun to know someone else has read something.

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