Ba-da-da, ba-da-da, ba-da-da, ba-da-da!

These are the monumental opening lines to the UK’s 2007 Eurovision entry. “The what?!” I hear some of you cry? (Okay….none of you.) Let me explain. In the spirit of all things “community”, us Europeans have a strange annual tradition of getting together and singing instantly forgettable songs to each other in a fairly pointless competition known as “Eurovision”.

The idea is each country sings a little ditty and hopes the other countries will be nice and vote for it. The winner then goes on to host the following year’s competition.  Traditionally ‘next door neighbour’ countries blatantly give their highest votes to each other and, just as traditionally, the competition organisers blatantly turn a blind eye to such activity. This year we are off to Finland, so presumably Sweden and Norway were particularly good neighbours last year. (Although the interesting monster costumes the Finnish act decided to wear may have caused some inadvertant novelty voting from other countries just for the hell of it.)

In recent years “Europe” has increased in size as new countries join us and existing countries split into smaller countries. As the main event is televised throughout Europe, this exploision of new countries has necessitated the introduction of a non-televised starter contest which whittles the number of entries down to a more manageable 24 countries. (God can you imagine it if they still insisted on showing the whole thing…. It would take at least a month, half of which would be the actual voting bit, and people would be found slumped in their armchairs, killed from boredom, across the continent.)

It is a national disgrace for any country’s representatives to return home having achieved nothing but the dreaded ‘nul points’. Sometimes though, this non-distinction proves more interesting than who actually won. As a result many a mediocre star has been catapulted into the heady realms of 5 minute euro-pop stardom at the expense of the real winner.

Anyway, sorry for rambling on – I only wanted to say a little something about this year’s UK entry. It’s called “Fly the Flag” by the splendidly named group “Scooch”. (Isn’t scooching something a dog does when it has uncomfortable glands around it’s botty?). I can’t decide if I think “Flying the Flag” is dire or if I secretly like it (a bit like those 5 bladed scissors for chopping up credit cards I mentioned in an earlier post). It’s very camp, double-entendry pop nonsense.

Okay… I’ll be honest. I secretly like it. It’s so naff it’s great. And courtesy of You Tube, you can see what you think too: 

Or not if you’d prefer. :o)


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