Before and after

Ended up flexing my paint brush muscles for a good five hours or so, and as a result now feel all self-righteous and full of myself. You’d think I’d found a cure for cancer or something and not just painted a few measly fence panels.

It was obviously the day for it. My neighbour (the one with the tatty bit of fence I’m bloomin’ well not going to paint) was also out brandishing a brush. At one point I think we were probably both painting the same panel at the same time. (My side “harvest brown”, his side “moss green”.)

Made a small mistake of working ‘east to west’ because the sun was also working in the same direction (as it tends to) so I kept accidentally blinding myself every time I stood up to do the bit along the top.  

Am also unfeasibly proud that I only splashed myself in the face once, and that was about ten minutes before I finished when I’d got to that “I-really-want-to-stop-so-I’m-going-to-chuck-it-anywhere-now” stage. 

Anyway – I said I’d post some before and after pictures, so here they are: (Warning – boring picture alert…)

Before No.1  After No. 1  Before No. 2 After No. 2

The gate took bloomin’ ages, and just generally I wasn’t very good at not getting paint on the concrete supports, but never mind. Now of course, (as always happens with any sort of decorating) the shed also looks like it needs painting. I’m thinking of a sort of creamy off-white at the moment, but if anyone has any suggestions I’d be happy to hear them.

I do like the brown though. It makes the green of the rhubarb stand out, so when Project 2007 has got as far as involving planting green things, hopefully they’ll look alright too. (I can’t believe I’m waxing lyrical about how nice rhubarb makes a fence look.) I’m glad that brown is okay though because I can’t tell you what it looks like when it’s wet. (Well… I could but you might vomit.) Okay – that’s probably enough waxing lyrical about brown paint.  Shutting up now.


1 Response to “Before and after”

  1. 1 Ally April 2, 2007 at 10:26 pm

    Congratulatios !! It looks much better than before – “healthier” I would call it !! And the brown colour suits the rhubarb very well !! I can relate – it feels so good when you can look back on a job you have been procrastinating for so long !! Haha – who did I learn that term from ??

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