Flex those paint brush muscles

At the moment I’m slumped on the sofa in a comfortably uncomfortable manner, still in my pjs, one eye on the TV (Countryfile on BBC1) and the other on the laptop. (Having an eye on two different things is more difficult since I had my squint corrected a couple of years ago.) Anyway, this sofa slumping behaviour is how I’m psyching myself to do a job I’ve been putting off for about two and a bit years now: slapping a protective coat of paint on my fences.

I thought if I documented this thought, it might make me pull my finger out and actually get on with it. 

Even if I only do a little bit of it I’ll surely feel better for having made a start?? In total I think I have 29 sides of fence panel to paint. Each is about 6 ft by 6 ft.  This is what is putting me off. It’s quite a lot of fence panel and I’m only one person. And a very small pathetic specimen at that.

It would actually be 30 sides except that one panel is my neighbour’s responsibility and the current on is falling apart, so I’m not blooming well painting my side until he blooming well replaces it. At least it’s tucked up away in a not so noticeable corner. I’ve been wanting to ask him to replace it for ages, (even longer than I’ve putting putting off the painting) but my garden is such a state at the moment, that I don’t think I can ask until project 2007 is more in evidence. He might just laugh in my face.

If nothing, I must do the one behind my rhubarb. My rhubarb is threatening to do its gunnera impression any second (no April fool – although some may possibly end up as rhubarb fool one day) so I will probably loose my chance after this weekend. I think I’ve already left it too late this year for the bit behind the Forsythia. That’s going to have to wait until the Autumn now. Ah well – that’s 3 panels off the list. (Shame….not!)

And having made you feel desparately sorry for me I should really also discount the 9 I did in the blazing heat last summer (somehow miraculously managing to get neither sunburn nor sunstroke). They are still all painty and protected and fine. So that makes – *counts on fingers as mental arithmatic skills not that great* – 16 panels to go. (Or is it 17?).

I’ll post before and after shots later as evidence for you. ;o)


1 Response to “Flex those paint brush muscles”

  1. 1 thescoundrel April 1, 2007 at 12:20 pm

    Unfortunately painting is a necessary drudge. Good luck. I highly recommend the Tom Sawyer method of painting fences. It takes most of the toil away.


    Nez sez: LOL. I wish. It didn’t happen like that for me. I was on the wrong side of the fence for passers by to see me unfortunately. Mind you I did the pavement side last year, and all that happened was people would stop and do the fence version of the joke they do when you’re outside washing your car. “Oh…will you do mine when you’ve finished.” This is always followed by the sort of hysterical laughter that makes you want to break their knees.

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