Project 2007

When I opened the curtains this morning I was mildly perturbed to see that some annoying feathery creature had already christened divebombed my nice dark brown fences. You would have thought it would allow me 24 hours of basking in beautifully pristine panels before it did that.

Anyway, that’s beside the point.  I thought I could take a few minutes to explain what Project 2007 is.

Project 2007 is the slightly grandiose name I have given to the general tidying up and (hopeful) improving of my back garden. Over the last few years I seem to have systematically removed most of what had been there quite happily for years until suddenly I’m left with not much at all.


Some of the ripping out was entirely necessary (in my opinion). Bits of it was stuff that had been there years and got too big and old, including – sadly – a lilac that looked and smelt lovely. Unfortuately it only did the looking and smelling lovely thing for aproximately five minutes every other year. I also had a lot of fences moved two years ago which created a different sort of havoc altogether (mainly weed-related).

Now it’s time to start putting things back. The first step is to complete my paving. This was started early last year. (Or possibly late the year before that. Not sure which anymore.) But at that time I hadn’t fully worked out quite what I wanted where. Since then I’ve worked out a plan (the weird diagrammy thing below) that I’m pleased with.

So as far as I’m concerned it’s full steam ahead as soon as the “men” can pop round to do the heavy stuff. And excitingly (for me) there was a message on my answerphone when I got in from work today to say that the abovementioned “men”‘ can start welding their power tools with effect from next week. I can’t wait!

So, here’s my plan:

Project 2007

Hopefully it’s not too hard to work out what’s what and where’s where. It had better not be too hard because that’s the plan the “men” and their power tools are following as well!

(I don’t know why I keep putting “men” like that. It gives the impression they’re only pretend men, and they’re really not!)

I haven’t really got much of an idea about what’s going to end up in the borders. But hey – minor detail! I’m looking forward to working it out.


1 Response to “Project 2007”

  1. 1 sal April 6, 2007 at 10:43 pm

    Plan looks good! How long did you spend on the computer drawing all the little boxes? Hope you’re not too achey today

    Nez sez: Bloody AGES!! (Did it in Word… LOL) But I came up with that design almost a year ago now, so I’ve been hanging on patiently waiting for “the men” to appear since then.

    And yes – I ache a bit today. There is too much getting up and down involved with this painting malarky. However it’s a good job jobbed. All my fence panels (save those I can’t reach without “assistance”) are now sporting a beautiful layer of “Harvest Brown” and two sides of the shed now have had their first coat of “Country Cream. How jolly splendid, what?

    Boring photographic evidence to follow at some point.

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