Men were here

At last! I feel like Project 2007 is finally underway. The men and their men tools (that’s not meant to sound as dodgy as it does) came round today and made a start. I now feel absolutely, totally shattered and all I did was watch and make them the odd cup of tea every now and then.

Basically they spent the day digging. They dug here, they dug there, they dug almost everywhere!

They got all the pathways dug out (with a couple of small variations to “the plan” as we went along), and started putting down whatever that stuff is they have to put down before they can lay the slabs. They got rid of all the rubble that has been sitting in the corner for a year and annoying me. They’ve completely filled a skip with all sorts of “stuff” from my “garden” (although I’m still expecting to wake up tomorrow morning and find an old mattress and/or sofa shoved on top).

Here’s a couple of boring snapshots of the ‘end of day’ position. My neighbour’s nosy cat seems to have taken it upon herself to prowl around and do quality control.

Mid devastation with cat 1

Yes….I can see you. And you can see me. And you know you’re not really meant to be there don’t you.?And by the way – that Build Center sack of sand is NOT a giant litter tray. Alright? Don’t you look all innocently at me, missus!

Me: *wags finger sternly at cat*

Cat: *gets up and shows Nezza her bottom*

I can see you!

My god….if I’m this excited now, what will I be like when the slabs actually start to go down!


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