The grass is greener

Well… some of it is.

Yesterday I discovered rolls of turf are strangely dusty and bits of it go up your nose and into your eyes when you pick them up. I also discovered I’m a bit rubbish at laying it out into lawn.

I ‘laid’ 4 of my 12 turf rolls on Tuesday night in a bit of a rush and at the moment they look a little ridiculous: Partly because they are a lovely lush green and the old lawn is a shabby, old ‘not-very-green’ green; partly because they have ended up a good two inches lower than the old lawn; and partly because there are gaps and sticking-up-ness happening a go-go.

It was the best I could do in half an hour though as I also had a drama group meeting that night. Anyway, I’ve taken Friday and Monday off work, so hopefully I can sort it out over a long weekend. I’m taking my chances with the other rolls and leaving them curled up until I can do something with them then. I can’t realistically get anything useful done after work because it gets dark too soon still, but I am chucking water on them every evening, so fingers crossed they won’t die on me.

I want to sort out the missing panes of glass in the greenhouse this weekend as well so I can get some busy lizzies and things and make a nice comfy home for them until it’s properly summer. :o)

Ooooh – and I want to have a go with my pressure washer and clean my old slabs. I love my pressure washer. Messy but fun.


2 Responses to “The grass is greener”

  1. 1 jackiesgarden April 21, 2007 at 9:56 pm

    You make me tired just reading what you do!! LOL Putting down sod is a hard job. It’s heavy and dirty. I wouldn’t even attempt it – you are a strong girl.

    Nez sez: I’m little but I’m tough! I think I got soil in my lungs from that turf laying because every time I cough today I rattle. LOL.

    My T has a pressure washer too, and gets a little carried away with it once in a while….he tried to wash the motor home, and took some pin stripes right off!! Be careful.

    Nez sez: No – I’ve been warned about using them on cars, so it’s strictly for patios and patio furniture only. Great fun though. Although I did catch my foot with it once which was more “Ouch!!” than fun.

    Hope the lawn is starting to look worth it by now, and that you aren’t out there killing yourself!

    BTW, WHAT are busy lizzies????

    Nez sez: I think the lawn is going to be okay, but keep your fingers and toes crossed for me! And Busy Lizzies are summer bedding plants that I love and have every year. They’re bright and colourful and friendly looking and they always seem to do really well in my soil. “Busy Lizzie” is the common name “Impatiens” is the posh name. Here’s a link to some more info:

  2. 2 jackiesgarden April 24, 2007 at 4:00 am

    AHHH! Now I get it – we call them impatiens, too! But I think I’ll call mine “Busy Lizzies” from now on, I love it! 🙂 They are good shade plants for our area. I love my perennials. but have to plant lots of annuals every year anyway – because I love the different varieties – and I want the color all season long. I’m enjoying all your work, Nez!

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