Garden update

I’ve spent the last two days toiling away in the garden. Well, the bit in the back garden was definitely toiling. The bit tidying up and planting a few new bits in the front garden was not so back breaking and more enjoyable since there were more instant results.

Here’s a photo of the front bit

Front Garden

Most of my first attempt at sorting out the four corner beds in my front garden didn’t work, but there were a few bits that did. Well that’s to say there are a few perrenials in the top left corner bed that look lovely in the spring and then do nothing for the rest of the year whereas the other three beds just look naff the whole year. So, I’ve planted one Euonymous in the corner of each corner beds (cos I like ’em), and shared out and replanted the spring flowery things in the rest of the beds.

Some of the Iberis (the larger white things) didn’t enjoy being moved and, as you might be able to tell, are currently sulking a bit. But I’m hoping that if I pay them some daily TLC they’ll decide to perk up. I’m sort of fibbing in that I did pop out and buy some more of the pinky ones (Arabis) though. I’m glad I did because it was more or less impossible to move without destroying.

The blank bits are deliberate. I’m going to put summer bedding plants in there towards the end of May, and then when they are over I might plant some crocus and tulip bulbs for next spring. That’s the plan anyway. Fingers crossed it will work better than the first one!

And on to the backgarden. First here is a picture of some (not all) of the rubble I had to dig out before I felt happy about laying my new turf. I have two more piles elsewhere. ;o)


I have a feeling this pile will be growing substantially bigger as I start digging out and preparing the plant beds, so I wanted to document this fact. LOL. (Yeah I know… I think I might be a bit weird or something.)

And now for the photographic evidence of the turf laying. *insert cheesy grin here*


The turf was laid over the course of three days. I bet you can’t tell which pieces were laid when. *wink wink* Now I’m watering it religiously and singing it silent lullabies in the hope that the more yellowy bits will perk up a bit.

And look at this – the first new residents in the greenhouse. Some baby sweet peas. All together now: “Awwwww”.

Greenhouse - first residents

(I’m off work tomorrow, and my main aim is to try and make the greenhouse water-tight by replacing the missing panes. Could be interesting since I went out for an inspection earlier I think I may have some integral fixing bits missing so as well as buying the glass I need to acquire some of them from somewhere….)

And finally: Why do my winter pansies look prettier now it’s late spring?? The Aubrieta is looking pretty too, don’t you think?

Back garden

Waffle over for now. See you again soon!


1 Response to “Garden update”

  1. 1 jackiesgarden April 24, 2007 at 3:56 am

    I am so impressed! It’s looking great! I really like ‘instant’ lawn and ‘instant’ color spots. I looked through all your pictures and had such fun….watching your project come together. You have more energy than any two people, girl!! Good work!

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