Hard Labour

Well, I thought it was time I should give a little update (for Jackie’s benefit mainly as she seems to be my number one fan!)

With one thing and another (that annoying little thing called “going to work”) I haven’t had much time this week to do anything other than spray the new lawn with the hose a couple of times each evening. It is looking better for it though, don’t you think?

Greening up

However, I had yesterday free to myself. The husband of a friend of mine came round to help me with two small jobs, both of which turned out to be slightly larger than I thought (which is always the way and therefore highly embarrassing). Job one was putting a new washer in my outside tap because it had been dripping like a trooper. After the new washer worked for, oooooh….. approximately 10 seconds, it turned out it was not a new washer that was required but a new tap. I now have a lovely shiny new tap.

Job two was fixing in my missing panes of glass in the greenhouse. This was a frustrating one because I could see exactly how to do it, but embarrassingly I did not have the physical strength to bend and push in the clips that secure the panes. Talk about ‘damsel in distress’.

Anyway, the two jobs were jobbed in just over an hour and as always I’m extremely grateful to John (said friend’s husband) for his assistance.

That left me the rest of the afternoon to myself so I got on my scruffy jeans and t-shirt and started waging war with one of the borders. Sadly it does not look like I did much. I spent 4 hours digging out this tiddly bit of bed:

Hard labour

And this is what I dug out of it:

The spoils

It’s what was used as the base for the old patio and it needs to come out because it’s at just the right level for the roots of plants. It’s bloody hard work. I ache all over today – legs, back, neck, wrists! I am only a 5 ft 7 stone weakling after all. Still, once I clear that bit hopefully the rest will be easier. (The rubble should – in theory – only be in that particular spot.)

Anyway….must get excavating again. See you later.


2 Responses to “Hard Labour”

  1. 1 jackiesgarden April 30, 2007 at 1:37 am

    Egad! What a job. It’s looking so great, though, Nez. I can’t believe all the hard work you do.

    Glad you have someone to help with those pesky little jobs that we females can’t quite get. Nice friend you have, too, to lend her muscle man to you!

    I can just see you later in the summer, sitting out by your beautiful turf in the sunshine, and just enjoying the beautiful flowers!

  2. 2 Katie May 1, 2007 at 9:22 pm

    I wouldn’t feel too embarrassed. I think men like helping out a damsel in distress occasionally. It helps them feel reassured about their manliness. 🙂

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