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Chelsea Flower Show

It’s the RHS Chelsea Flower Show this week and as usual the show gardens are amazing. I can only follow the TV and web coverage,  but I love looking and getting ideas.

I keep meaning to get tickets and go and see it for myself in person, but every year I forget. Maybe next year. Or the year after..

I wonder what they’d think of my own “design” efforts in the back garden?? LOL.  Watching what’s going on there always makes me want to go and get cracking outside here. If only that annoying thing called ‘work’ wouldn’t keep on getting in the way. *crosses fingers for a nice weekend weather-wise* Continue reading ‘Chelsea Flower Show’


Quick Turf Update

I’m sure there are loads of people out there who can’t sleep at night without knowing the latest on my turf situation, so I thought I’d do a lightning quick update for you before heading off to Bedfordshire.

Anyway, on Saturday I spent a few minutes peering at the brown space on the left of the following picture, with one eye closed and my head titled to one side. This is my standard pose for when I’m considering stuff. “Hmmm….” I murmured, one hand thoughtfully rubbing my chin, “I don’t know about you, but I reckon to convert that patch of bare soil into a nice lawn as per the official project 2007 plan* that would take about 12 square metres of turf.”

* see earlier entries. Continue reading ‘Quick Turf Update’


We’re having a lot of rain here at the moment. I think we had May’s weather in April, and now we’re getting April’s weather in May. While it’s ‘good for the garden’ and all that, it’s also a bit frustrating. I’ve been doing a lot of staring out of the window wishing I could be outside doing something useful.

I was staring at the Forsythia bush the other day. With the weight of all the rain water, the branches have been hanging down a bit like so….

<This reminds me of somebody....

…and it’s been reminding me of something. Suddenly it hit me.

<Sideshow Bob

I hope you can see it too.
For the real thing go here.

Continue reading ‘Looky-likey’


Well, it’s that most cheesy of European nights – the Eurovision Song Contest.  So naff it’s fantastic. Intended to promote friendliness and general ‘we all love each otherness’ throughout Europe when we all know each country is bound to give their best votes to its next door neighbour.

This year’s competition is being live into millions of living rooms from Helsinkim Finland. Here’s a link to the official website for those of you sad enough to care: Continue reading ‘Eurovision….’


Somebody needs to invent a way of sending smells over the Internet because my honeysuckle is ponging in a most pleasant way just lately. I love it. I know it’s not the same, but here’s a photo of it by night (the time when it whiffs the most).

Honeysuckle by night 1

I wish I had a better camera! (Or better photography skills….)

Continue reading ‘Smelltography’

Weekend Workout

Well I managed to spend a good few hours in the garden yesterday and today and I ache all over for it (which is hopefully a good thing). I’m still doing stuff which for a 5 foot weakling is bloody hard work! And will be for the foreseeable future yet. *sad face*

Yesterday’s job was digging over another new border. I was hoping it wouldn’t be too hard going but apparently my hoping skills aren’t up to scratch because it was super big scary bad hard going. I swear stones can breed. I also hit something that looked very much like a small coal-seam. It was bluey-black and very hard but annoyingly just too near the surface to igore. Continue reading ‘Weekend Workout’

Arty Farty pants

On a Friday evening I normally like to get my laundry out of the way, but I couldn’t be bothered this evening. Instead I felt a bit drawingy. So I got the old arty pencils and paper out and had a go.

Predictably the subject was a certain Mr Keanu Reeves. Over the last few years I seem to have regressed to teenage admiration status as far as he’s concerned (although I am in my thirties) and as a result I like drawing him. Here’s the result. Hope you like it.

Keanu Reeves

Wish I could hair better, but the rest isn’t too bad.


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