Weekend Workout

Well I managed to spend a good few hours in the garden yesterday and today and I ache all over for it (which is hopefully a good thing). I’m still doing stuff which for a 5 foot weakling is bloody hard work! And will be for the foreseeable future yet. *sad face*

Yesterday’s job was digging over another new border. I was hoping it wouldn’t be too hard going but apparently my hoping skills aren’t up to scratch because it was super big scary bad hard going. I swear stones can breed. I also hit something that looked very much like a small coal-seam. It was bluey-black and very hard but annoyingly just too near the surface to igore.

Although I feel like I’ve done LOADS of digging I’ve not exactly got very far round the garden yet. I’ve prised out that many stones that I’ve started doing it in my head when I close my eyes. (I get the same effect when I’ve done too many sudokus before bedtime. Ironically the best way to stop the stone thing is to do a sudoku.) I’ve also been sieving out each border as I go as well for that extra nice, crumbly finish. How good am I?!

So here’s a photo of the bit along the back of the hedge. I got my lavanders in and the rest is ready for some bedding plants a bit later on. (I’ll try and think of something a bit more permanent for next year.)

Silver bells all in a row, row, row

So that was Saturday. Before I was allowed to do anything fun on Sunday I had to tidy up the shed. It’s now a bit better organised I think. I managed to get the mower back inside anyway which was something.

After that it was off to spend some money:

Nez went shopping...

It’s mainly bedding plants (busy lizzies, 3 million lobelia, and some geraniums) but I also treated myself to two slate (i.e. v. heavy) plant pots. (Talk about a kid in a sweet shop.) I’m putting the pots either side of my bench and bunging some bedding plants in and hopefully they’ll look fabby.

After that it was back to the torture. I’m so impressed with my new turf that I decided to replace the whole lot. I thought it was be less hard work than trying to improve what’s there already. Five minutes in I think I changed my mind. LOL. Sadly by then the mutilation had already gone past the point of no return so I carried on. (Mind you, it probably would be just as hard to try and improve the existing stuff.)

I just have to keep telling myself it will be worth it eventually. I’m not sure I’ll finish it this year though. I’ll have to stop soon anyway because I’m running out of space to put the bits I’m taking up. Anyway – here is another boring picture illustrating how far as I got (and also how lovely and lush the new bit is looking):

Nez mutilates her lawn...

I’m hoping to save the bits I’ve taken up for compost (and have got a second compost bin on order as we speak) but it will be full immediately from the tiddly bit I’ve one so far. Oh well – I’ll have to try and sneak the odd bit into my green bin or something. I discovered last week – when the local council finally deigned to give me this year’s collection dates and “dos” and “don’ts” list thingy – that you’re not actually meant to put lumps of turf into your green bin. Oops. Oh well.

As usual I’ve waffled on enough so it’s time to stop.

Nighty Bye *waves and disappears*


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