Well, it’s that most cheesy of European nights – the Eurovision Song Contest.  So naff it’s fantastic. Intended to promote friendliness and general ‘we all love each otherness’ throughout Europe when we all know each country is bound to give their best votes to its next door neighbour.

This year’s competition is being live into millions of living rooms from Helsinkim Finland. Here’s a link to the official website for those of you sad enough to care:

I have to admit I haven’t been watching it all. I stuck a Friends DVD on instead. I did mean to watch the UK’s entry but I managed to be in the kitchen doing the washing up by mistake. Oops. Sorry Scooch. I do hope you get lots of ‘douze points’. 

Here’s a reminder of the wonder that is ‘Scooch’ and their entry.

(I’ve decided that as far as I’m concerned Scooch is just perfect for Eurovision. Cheesy Europop. Not what I’d listen to normally though.)  

As I type I’m watching a recap before the voting starts and it does appear that ‘anything goes’ these days. Especially “novelty”.  I have to admit I am a little alarmed by the Ukrainan entry. I’m not sure if it’s the song or costumes or just the whole thing. You can have a little look here:

Ooh. They just said something funny in Finnish. I think.  I suspect I’m better off watching Parky on the other side.

 Edit 10.30pm: Ukraine is winning at the moment (EEK) and amusingly UK has ‘nul points’. LOL. Poor Scooch. Perhaps I jinxed them.

Edit 10.55pm: We finally got some points. From Ireland (next door neighbour) and Malta (former British something or other. Not sure what the term is – principality?). It’s quite funny. We have a whole 19 points. Serbia is winning with 221. Ukraine (the ones that scared me) are coming second with 202. ROFL.

Final edit 11.10pm: Okay. It’s all over. Serbia won. Ireland (7 times winners – the most ever) came last. UK and France tied second from bottom.  Definitely switching over for Parky now!!


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