We’re having a lot of rain here at the moment. I think we had May’s weather in April, and now we’re getting April’s weather in May. While it’s ‘good for the garden’ and all that, it’s also a bit frustrating. I’ve been doing a lot of staring out of the window wishing I could be outside doing something useful.

I was staring at the Forsythia bush the other day. With the weight of all the rain water, the branches have been hanging down a bit like so….

<This reminds me of somebody....

…and it’s been reminding me of something. Suddenly it hit me.

<Sideshow Bob

I hope you can see it too.
For the real thing go here.

On a more serious note, there was 20 seconds yesterday where it wasn’t raining so I took the opportunity to give the new bit of lawn it’s first haircut since it was in danger of turning into a meadow.

After that it started raining again, so I thought what better opportunity than to dig up more turf. Actually, I didn’t think that at all. I sort of had no option but to do it since I stupidly have some more turf on order, and I’ll need to have somewhere to put it when it arrives (which no doubt will be in the rain).

The rain did actually make it easier to dig up the old turf, but it was a tad on the muddy side, and I’m sure any neighbours who happened to be spying on looking out their windows at me thought I was completely mad. I still need to ‘stamp down’ the soil before I can lay any new turf, but I’m not quite sure how/when I’m going to manage that, partly because it seems to be raining even harder today, but mainly because I think it might take my trainers three years to dry out before I can put them back on my feet. Anyway…this is what it currently looks like:

Nez mutilates her lawn a little bit more

More again soon…


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