Chelsea Flower Show

It’s the RHS Chelsea Flower Show this week and as usual the show gardens are amazing. I can only follow the TV and web coverage,  but I love looking and getting ideas.

I keep meaning to get tickets and go and see it for myself in person, but every year I forget. Maybe next year. Or the year after..

I wonder what they’d think of my own “design” efforts in the back garden?? LOL.  Watching what’s going on there always makes me want to go and get cracking outside here. If only that annoying thing called ‘work’ wouldn’t keep on getting in the way. *crosses fingers for a nice weekend weather-wise*

Please go and have a look at the RHS Chelsea website here:

On a different note, there is a blackbird hanging around my garden this evening, tweeting and chirping away like a thing possessed, and quite frankly it’s “doing my head in”. I’ve personally chased it around my garden several times, but rather than disappearing altogether, all it does is go from the top of the greenhouse to the fence, to the roof, back to the fence etc. I think it’s actually ‘flipping the bird’ (or should that be human) at me. Bloody thing. The neighbour’s cat was sunning itself in the greenhouse earlier, so I even tried persuading it to go ‘kill’ but even she just looked disdainfully at me.

We're are not amused

I think they’re in cahoots.


3 Responses to “Chelsea Flower Show”

  1. 1 jackiesgarden May 23, 2007 at 8:40 pm

    Whaaaaat???? “None so far”??????? I commented yesterday. I didn’t swear or anything – so where did it go???? Anyway, I had thanked you for the link – I checked out all those gardens….what fun it would be to go to that show. You do it. We don’t have anything like that around here. I didn’t much care for the ‘chic’ gardens, I like the cottage – things like that. And I swear, yours is nicer than any of them under that category. You’d be a hit there.
    Your blackbird sounds like our magpies. I DO NOT like them. They fight over the kitty food if I leave it out, and make the most obnoxious noise! They are beautiful birds, really. Very large and colorful – but I could sure do without them!

    Nez sez: LOL – I just wrote you a reply and it’s disappeared, so there are gremlins afoot on this post!
    I love more or less all the Chelsea gardens (my favourite was the Cancer Research UK one), but I think I agree with you as far as some of them being a bit too modern. There are some that I really like, but I couldn’t live with them. I think I like the more ‘cottagey’ ones best as well and I’d like my garden to end up as a sort of ‘modern cottage garden’. (LOL. You’d think I knew what I was talking about….!)
    Bless you for saying I’d be a hit there! LOL. Maybe one day – if they introduced a ‘terribly amateur’ category! Something to aspire too! haha. 😉 I really must try and remember to order tickets for next year.

  2. 2 jackiesgarden May 31, 2007 at 10:31 pm

    Nez? Hello? Are you NOT working in the yard? No pictures. Have you NOTHING to say about the world? Hello?

    Nez sez: LOL Hi Jackie! Actually no. I haven’t been able to do anything much out there for about a week and a bit. It’s really frustrating. Two reasons.
    Number 1 – the weather. It’s just been too blooming’ wet and cold, although this evening – 1st June – is beautifully sunny and gorgeously warm – I’ve just treated myself to an ice cream. Perhaps summer is just arriving! 🙂
    Number 2 – I help out at a kids drama group ( and we are just about to start our next production. I do all their music, and because I want to be able to spend as much time as poss getting my garden sorted this year, I decided to take advantage of the wet weather and get super organised about this production. So….I’ve spent all my spare time over the last week recording all the music for the songs onto my musical keyboard. I’m nearly there. I’ve done 20 of the 25 songs, and I’m hoping I’ll finish the last 5 tomorrow, and then I can have my gardening time back! In that sense it’s been quite “useful” that the weather’s been wet – and it’s been good for the newturf too!

    Normal gardening service to be resumed shortly!

  3. 3 jackiesgarden June 1, 2007 at 6:39 pm

    Wow, girl! No wonder there’s been no word from you. You are a busy bee! I went to the site and even saw a little picture of you. What a wonderful thing to be involved in. And you must be very talented! My fifteen year old granddaughter (OMG – I can’t be that old!) is involved in community theater in Eugene Oregon – she acts in musicals – and this girl is shy when not on stage! I hate it that she’s 500 miles away and I’ve only seen two of the plays she was in. You must have a lot of fun with those kids. Thanks for sharing!

    Nez sez: Yes – on the whole they’re a great bunch of kids, and we’re always proud of them after a performance. They also annoy us intensely during rehearsals!
    I’m not that great, but I’m passable. LOL. And my trust keyboard makes me sound good. 😉
    It’s a shame you don’t get to see your grand-daughter perform more often. And yes, you don’t look old enough yourself to have a 15 year old grandchild!

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