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Rain stopped play

For those gardening types who like grubbing around the muck and dirt, I’m sorry I haven’t written much about the garden for ages, but the honest truth is I’ve not really been able do anything in it for what feels like ages. It’s all that damn wet stuff that keeps from falling from the sky. And the days when it is dry, it’s too cold for the ground to dry out enough to attempt digging, and then it goes and rains again anyway, so….vicious circle.

This picture below is more or less the sum of my acheivements last weekend and it only took about ten minutes. I made a “wigwam  thingy” (yes – trust me that is the correct technical term) for my tomato plants because the supports they did have were getting a bit wibbly-wobbly-woo and I was in immiment danger of a spot of floppage.

Masterpiece of Engineering

Now they are all nice and un-wibbly-wobbly-woo and all fears of floppage are now a dim and distant memory. I have three tomatoes on the way, although two are currently just about the size of a pin-head and the the third only slightly bigger than a pea, so I’m trying to stop myself from getting too excited.

The only other thing I managed was pulling out a few weeds because they were obscuring my sweet peas (the only real plants on the entire right hand side of the garden).  I had a moment of mild excitement this evening when I spotted my first sweet pea flower. 🙂 It’s a lilacy one. I really must get around to putting some wire support type things on the fence for them to start scrambling up. Maybe this weekend if I’m lucky.

Where’s the sweet peas??! THERE they are!
Before After
(You might have to squint a bit because the picture’s a bit on the small side!)

More rain forecast for the next few days….


Rain, rain, go away….

Okay. It’s official. I’m fed up with rain. It’s crazy here in the UK at the moment. The “brook” in the town where I live burst it’s banks again today. The pic below is my usual route to work. I could pass it this morning, but not on the way home.

My usual route to work....

Continue reading ‘Rain, rain, go away….’

The calm after the storm…

Well….it’s still raining. But nothing like on the same scale which is good. I am sooo fed up of rain though. And I have friends in several different states the US who are desparate for rain, so why can’t the clouds just buzz off over there? Go on. Be off with ye! It’s meant to be summer after all. Continue reading ‘The calm after the storm…’

You could say it rained.

It rained yesterday. It rained and rained and rained. And after that, for good measure, it rained some more.

It had been quite pleasant all day until 5 minutes before I left work when someone turned on the big hairy tap in the sky. Then it cleared up for a while. Then about 8.30pm I noticed some rather spectacular and black looking clouds in the sky. Continue reading ‘You could say it rained.’

Happy Anniversary to me!

Okay, you may have noticed a couple of past mentions of a certain Mr Reeves. I think he’s lovely, and I really enjoy being an admirer of his because as a result I’ve made some very good friendships that I otherwise I wouldn’t have done, and have visited some far flung places I otherwise wouldn’t have been to (like New York, LA and….um….just outside of Hull, East Yorks). So thank you Mr Reeves. Continue reading ‘Happy Anniversary to me!’

I am still here honest!

Well…I’m sorry I’ve been quiet for ages, but it’s been a combination of not having much to report and being too tired to string a coherent sentence together. There’s still not much to report and I’m still a bit tired around the edges but I thought I ought to at least stick my head around the door and say ‘hello’.

I did spend last weekend in the garden, but as always seems to happen I completely underestimated how long all the jobs I wanted to do would take and so didn’t get as far as I’d hoped. It was also ridiculously hot last weekend. Well it was if you were digging in full sunshine which naturally Iwas! Continue reading ‘I am still here honest!’

Apologies for the peace and quiet

Just a quickie to say sorry there’s been no post for a while. I’ve spent the last two weekends busy doing music for the kids drama group I help out with. However, save a few tweaks here and there it’s all done, so I’m hoping to get back to the garden this weekend. The weeds are threatening to take over.

I’m looking forward to having a potter around and trying to get through some of the jobs on my list like setting up my automatic water drip system thing and putting up some wire on my fences for the climbing plants I’m planning on getting.  Might even treat myself to buying a couple of plants if I’m really good!

I have managed to get some of my bedding plants in since last time I wrote, but that’s about it. (There’s a couple of photos to see via my flickr site if you like, but nothing overly dramatic yet.) Fortunately since it became June, the weather has picked up again and started being more summery. It’s literally as if someone flicked a lightswitch on at the start of the month.

If you’re interested in the drama stuff, feel free to visit our website. All the music I’ve been doing is on the ‘Olivia’ page. (Yes….you read that correctly “Oliva”… It’s sort of like ‘Oliver’ but with more girl parts. It’s extremely cheesy, but looks like it could be fun…!)

Anyway – that’s all for now!


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