Apologies for the peace and quiet

Just a quickie to say sorry there’s been no post for a while. I’ve spent the last two weekends busy doing music for the kids drama group I help out with. However, save a few tweaks here and there it’s all done, so I’m hoping to get back to the garden this weekend. The weeds are threatening to take over.

I’m looking forward to having a potter around and trying to get through some of the jobs on my list like setting up my automatic water drip system thing and putting up some wire on my fences for the climbing plants I’m planning on getting.  Might even treat myself to buying a couple of plants if I’m really good!

I have managed to get some of my bedding plants in since last time I wrote, but that’s about it. (There’s a couple of photos to see via my flickr site if you like, but nothing overly dramatic yet.) Fortunately since it became June, the weather has picked up again and started being more summery. It’s literally as if someone flicked a lightswitch on at the start of the month.

If you’re interested in the drama stuff, feel free to visit our website. www.stagekids.btinternet.co.uk. All the music I’ve been doing is on the ‘Olivia’ page. (Yes….you read that correctly “Oliva”… It’s sort of like ‘Oliver’ but with more girl parts. It’s extremely cheesy, but looks like it could be fun…!)

Anyway – that’s all for now!


2 Responses to “Apologies for the peace and quiet”

  1. 1 jackiesgarden June 7, 2007 at 12:28 am

    Wow, Nez, I just looked at all your Flickr photos and was struck again – by how much work you’ve done. It’s looking so great – you should be proud of yourself! And I’m SO jealous that you are getting an auto watering system. I want one! Sure wish I’d been smarter about laying out the garden and yards – I wouldn’t have made it so that I have to water around so many things. I spend way too much time moving sprinklers and hand watering because I can’t get patio’s, potting benches, etc. all wet. I always think I’ll put a system in – they look fairly simple to do – but never seem to find the time. Just figuring out how much of everything you need for one, seems daunting to me. You go, girl.

    Nez sez: Awww…you’re too kind! See….I don’t think I’ve done that much yet!
    I highly recommend irrigation systems. My uncle had one, showed me how it worked, and then got me set up. It’s quite straight forward once you get going. And it’s the sort of thing that takes a little time to set up but saves loads of watering time in the long run. Plus it’s environmentally friendly by being loads more economical. My system is the ‘gardena’ one. There’s loads of different sorts of gadgets and gizmos and connecting bits etc etc. It’s like lego for grown ups!. Here’s a link to their website. http://www.gardena.co.uk/

  2. 2 jackiesgarden June 9, 2007 at 11:05 pm

    Nez, thanks for the site. I checked it out – but the UK is a little far for me to do business with!! But you gave me the idea to look it up online, and sure enough, I could see Rainbird and Orbit – and they have that planner dealie, too, so you can figure out just what you need. I’ll spend a little time out there measuring and figuring it out – when it warms up again. We had a week of HOT, and now we’ve got rain and in the 50’s again – yuk!

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