I am still here honest!

Well…I’m sorry I’ve been quiet for ages, but it’s been a combination of not having much to report and being too tired to string a coherent sentence together. There’s still not much to report and I’m still a bit tired around the edges but I thought I ought to at least stick my head around the door and say ‘hello’.

I did spend last weekend in the garden, but as always seems to happen I completely underestimated how long all the jobs I wanted to do would take and so didn’t get as far as I’d hoped. It was also ridiculously hot last weekend. Well it was if you were digging in full sunshine which naturally Iwas!

I did manage to set up my lovely irrigation system (see below) which covers at least some of my thirsty bedding stuff. It’s very helpful in reducing the amount of time I need to spend out with the watering can. Of course it goes without saying that it’s done nothing but rain since I put it in. *pulls out hair* Oh well. I’m assuming it will turn back to summer eventually, so it will ultimately be a useful job!

Spot the irrigation system

On dry days it is very useful. Especially if I’m away or something as it does the watering by itself. And it’s also much more economical than splashing around with the hose or the watering can (the water goes right where you want it!), so that’s good too. It’s also fun setting it up (fun in a ‘lego’ kind of way and I used to love my lego  – it’s still in the roof) because there are all sorts of gadgets and gizmos and connecting bits and nozzles etc. 🙂 (Little things please little minds!)

A friend gave me three tomato plants (two cherry and one not-cherry) he’d started and I got those settled in as well, so that was another useful job. The watering system doesn’t extend as far as the greenhouse yet though, so I’ve had to run through the rain every day with a watering can. (What a hardship!)

After those jobs I spent the rest of the weekend ‘digging’ over a flower bed. It’s this that always takes FAR longer than I expect. They’re all just full of stones, old turf that hasn’t really broken down and enormous bits of root that derive from things I had removed like lilac and apple trees. It’s quite hard work – especially when you’re roasting.

I think I have a little bit of a perfectionist streak in me because I’ve been seiving all this soil as I go along! I don’t see any point in not doing it properly though. I imagine it will just make it a bigger job in the end.

There was also an air show about 6 miles down the road from me last Sunday, so of course digging kept being interupted by me craning my neck to look at the various aircraft circling above me. I’m also pretty sure I heard the red arrows (British air acrobats team) so I kept throwing ght garden fork in the air and running to the best vantage point in the garden in the hope I’d catch a glimpse which I just didn’t manage this year. LOL. (Apparently they had to cut short their routine because there was an idiot in a hang-glider in the restricted airspace. Bit of a death-wish…don’t think I’d fancy colliding with a red arrow hawk plane if I was in a bloody hang-glider!)

Anyway…I digress. I did manage to plant up the rest of my lobelia even though some of them are not in their final place for the year. But they had to go in at least somewhere because they were all looking up at me and BEGGING to be taken out of their plastic trays and stretch their legs. Poor little things.

At least some of my plant pots are starting to look pretty even if the rest of the garden is taking ages. So, I think I’ll end with a picture of one of them!

Plant pot


2 Responses to “I am still here honest!”

  1. 1 Katie June 17, 2007 at 11:28 am

    Your plant pots are lovely – beautiful colors.

    Nez sez: Why thank you! I hope they’ll look even better in a couple of weeks when they’ve ‘got going’ properly.

  2. 2 jackiesgarden June 17, 2007 at 6:09 pm

    Well, there you are! I knew you’d been doing some work, as I went into your Flickr pictures. BTW – you are just toooo smart with the little white square. Took me a little bit to figure out what it was – and then I just loved it – how neat! The lawn is looking sooooo good. Don’t worry too much about the two colors….my new lawn from late last summer looked like that…and this year, came in pretty much all the same color. I do have one question, Nez, and I couldn’t tell from the pictures – what the hell did you do with that pile of rocks?!?!?! Oh, actually, I have two questions (or three), “seived the dirt”?????? are you off your meds????? I thought I was anal! LOL

    Nez sez: LOL. That made me giggle Jackie. Yes, I take anal to whole new levels. (And I’m pleased to hear the lawn should sort itself out eventually!)

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