Let the chaos begin

I’m having a new bathroom put in this week. Right now this second I’m perched nervously on the sofa waiting for the workmen to arrive. This is always the worst moment. It’s a bit like waiting for a plane to take off. I always imagine that something is going to go wrong. That they’ll uncover some horrendous structural problem in the house or something.

 And when I’m nervous I get a stomach ache. This is not a good thing to have when your toilet is due to find itself in a skip in a couple of hours. LOL.

Actually, I’m a two loo household, so it’s comforting to know I have a back-up-bog (so to speak). I guess the water will be switched off for at least a little bit though. (I am prepared. I have pans filled with water in the kitchen and lots of bottled water in for the occasion.)

Ah well. Watch this space. Hopefully Boeing bathroom will take off smoothly and I’ll have a comfortable and pleasant flight.


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