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Little bit drunken

Another word of thanks again for people being nice. (I’m a bit under the affluence of incohol at the moment. Apologies for spellin errors.)

We had a drama meeting tonight*. We went over to the place where we’re going to be doing our next production which is in a hall (with a stage!) that is attached to a church. The people there could not be nicer to us and their facilities are lovely. (We’ve become used to rather crap facilities and not so nice people – it’s a little hard to get used to without being suspicious.)

The ‘head honcho’ there is actually a Bishop – you wouldn’t think he was a bishop to look at him in his scruffy jeans and top. He’s been doing our lighting for us for the last couple of years and we had no idea at first that he was a Bishop. LOL.

Anyway, the Bishop guy must have asked me three or four times if I was alright. “You’re looking very tired Nerys.” “Why are you tired Nerys?” Bless him. So all this work rubbish must be showing a little. (My real name is Nerys – it’s a welsh name. My dad was Welsh. For those of you that have never heard of it I say it to rhyme with ‘Ferris’ ( as in wheel) but if you say it with a real welsh accent it’s slightly different. I however cannot do a welsh accent to save my life (which is embarrassin when you have a welsh name.) I either sound Jamacian or Pakistani if I try.)

Anyway (for the second time) the drama ladies came back to my house (as they are prone to) for a drinkie or two (hence slight drunkeness) and my little work story came out and they also think I haven’t been treated very nicely. They are suggesting I try speaking to the CAB (citizen’s advice bureau) and are also going to speak to their respective husbands who both have recruitment and managerial  experience. People can being really kind sometimes. It warms your cockles.

I really have no idea what’s best at the moment. I’m all confuzzled. All I know for sure is that I’m unhappy and I can’t believe my boss has done this to me.

* I help at a kids drama group.



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