Acheivement of the day

It was hot and sunny today. Actually, it was probably cool by LA standards (for example), but it was roasting by British standards. Especially since the weather is so up and down here this year that there is no time for acclimatisation. (Last week I regularly had the heating on.) So…in a nutshell it felt hot.

As an indication of how hot I thought it was, I can confirm mid-afternoon I had an ice-cream.

After the ice-cream (and much tinkering with my new digital freeview TV receiver slash digital recorder gadget that I’ve got for downstairs – it can record from VCR tapes as well so I can get a DVD backup which I think is quite cool since my VCR which is already 13 years old is not going to last forever) I decided to start pottering in the garden.

I started off with some light weeding, and moved on to some silghtly heavier crawling around on the patio. The crawling involved gently pulling baby cotoneasters out of the cracks in the paving in the hope that I can persuade some of them to grow in pots and then perhaps actually in the garden. The rest of the patio then got a liberal sprinkling with weedkiller.

After that I felt just about ready to tackle a spot of really big weeding by the green-house. I may have risked life and limb removing a really big and very prickly thistle thing (okay, slight exaggeration) and nearly vomited at the point I had to remove three very, very, very large slugs by hand (don’t panic people – I was wearing gloves) but all in all it went okay. It still needs more digging over to get rid of the infernal large stones I seem to be infested with, and I’m not sure I got all the horrible ‘come again in five minutes’ weeds out, so I need to keep an eye on that.

I’ve decided I want to put some trellis up to mask the greenhouse and grow something pretty up it. Could be interesting since I can’t quite see me managing that one by myself….!

Oh, and the achievement of the title? I’m getting better at taking my contact lenses out while under alcoholic influences. (It’s important to me okay?!) 🙂

(Amusing aside. I have a LOVELY tan mark on my back in a very interesting shape at the point of the gap between the end of my jeans and the bottom of my T-shirt. I wish I could show you…!)


1 Response to “Acheivement of the day”

  1. 1 jackiesgarden September 2, 2007 at 7:02 pm

    Funny girl! I have that same tan strip across my lower back, too! T tells me it points downward. He also thinks I wear my pants too low – and doesn’t seem to understand that it only happens when I’m bending over in my own garden! Sheesh – and who cares who sees it!?

    Glad for you, about the new camera. You’ll be showing us all kinds of pictures soon, right!?

    About that achievement, honey? You might want to just aim a little higher. 🙂

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