Blogging the garden (blatant title rip off from Sal :) )

I feel I really ought to give an update on the state of the garden.

Last Monday was a ‘bank holiday’ here in the UK and as it didn’t rain, I was out and about with the garden fork having a cracking good time. I got rid of most of the poppies (sad moment – they’ve been very kind to me photographically) and other assorted weeds, thistles etc, and dug over a good stretch of border which as ever included a good amount of boulder removal. (I will not be sorry once I’ve got all the way round I can tell you.)

So this is what it looked like at the end of last Monday:

Blog pic

This morning dawned un-bright and un-sunny, (well I assume it did.. I couldn’t actually be bothered to get out of bed until 10.30am) but it was dry at least. And it was also September this morning which meant that my favourite plant nursery would be open after their month long hiatus. I paid them a visit (armed with birthday money) and naturally came home with a boot-load of stuff:

Blog pic

So, I got ‘suited and booted’ in my gardening gear and went over to the shed to get tooled up and that’s when I hit a technical hitch. My shed padlock had gone on strike and decided it was not going to let me inside. It’s a combination padlock and I KNOW I was doing the combination correctly. There is no way I had suddenly forgotten the numbers. (It’s based on the birthday of a certain Hawaiian-Chinese slash English movie dude.) (Incidentally said birthday is today – have a good one Mr Reeves!) (See yesterday’s post for an indication of sad I can be.)

So after cursing under my breath a little, I spent a few minutes looking longingly through the window at my tools but it quickly became evident that this was not going to make the padlock magically unlock itself, so if I was going to get anything done I would have to improvise.

At this point I remembered I’d had some bark delivered last week. Cue exciting picture of bark tower:

Blog pic

Ta-dah! Now, you don’t really need any specialist tools to sprinkle bark around, so I did manage to do that. The hardest bit was getting into the bloomin’ bags using my not very sharp ‘indoor’ scissors as opposed to my lovely (but locked away) ‘stabby’ tool thing. So, the bark got sprinkled around as required. See exciting photo which shows bark behind and to the side of greenhouse:

Blog pic

Then things started getting a little tricky. As the soil quality is pretty poor, I wanted to dig some compost into the bed before I planted anything. I could tip the compost out over the beds, but it was the digging it in part that was going to cause problems. I have a spare hand fork in the greenhouse and I had a go with that, but it quickly became evident that I would be there until Christmas 2009 if I pursued that option. I also had a compost bin ‘tool’ in the greenhouse and I tried that with similar results.

I attempted fiddling with the padlock again to no avail. Alas and alack. What could I do? I was on the verge of seeing if I could fashion a garden fork from bamboo canes when fortunately, my nice neighbours opposite returned home from having ‘being out’. They were all set to lend me a garden fork, when Mr Nice suggested tinkering with the combination in case it had shifted a number somewhere. It turned out that this was indeed the problem (v. v. v. strange.) so I was able to get in the shed afterall. They also leant me a padlock with a key until I can get a new one. (I don’t trust the old one anymore….!)

So, the plants got planted after all:

Blog pic

If you visit picture at flickr, it has notes with what’s what. I got rid of the cotoneaster that was already there. I did hum and haw over whether it was worth saving, but it wasn’t a very good specimen really. It was a baby from the one by the patio but it had never grown in a particularly ‘bushy’ fashion and just looked ‘not quite right’. (Before anyone shouts at me for being cruel and heartless, I would just like to mention that I’m trying to grow seven other cotoneaster babies that I’ve rescued from the cracks in the patio.)

I can’t wait until next year now to see how things start to mature. They all look so ‘wee’ and plonked and spread out at the moment. Patience, patience. It will be interesting to see if I’ve made good choices or not. Fingers crossed anyway.

So…just one final bit of ‘wilderness’ to dig out, de-stone etc now. That will be a milestone! Weather permitting, a job for next weekend I think. There’s no room left in the garden bin to attempt it today anyway.

Blog pic


4 Responses to “Blogging the garden (blatant title rip off from Sal :) )”

  1. 1 jackiesgarden September 2, 2007 at 6:50 pm

    It’s beautiful! I can’t believe all that you’ve gotten accomplished this summer. Especially with your weather what it has been. You must feel a real sense of satisfaction, knowing you did it all your little self! I’d be daunted by those damned rocks you have. These pictures are great – because I can see the whole project from beginning, to this corner by the greenhouse, which looks a little overwhelming, and is almost the end. What will you do next summer???? LOl
    No, there will be plenty to do. Dead-heading, re-arranging, planting more (it never ends). I STILL want to come sit in that yard and have a cup of coffee and just enjoy!

  2. 2 dleigh September 3, 2007 at 4:39 pm

    Your determination and hard work paid off. The photos are great. The plants look great.

  3. 3 nezza September 7, 2007 at 7:10 pm

    Thank you both of you!

    I’m hoping to get that last bit cleared tomorrow, and then I’m on the home straight. I can’t wait. I’m sooo looking forward to the ‘general maintenance’ and ‘watching it mature’ bit of gardening.

    I feel a little like I’m unwittingly wishing my life away, but hopefully you understand what I mean.

    I might even get the last new plants in this weekend if I’m really lucky!

  4. 4 jackiesgarden September 9, 2007 at 2:17 am

    Ha! There is never just ‘general maintenance’ and ‘watching it mature’, girl! You’ll forever be planting new things, moving plants to a better location when they ‘mature’ a little too much,etc. etc. etc. But, that’s the fun, for me.

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