Minor Sunday Morning Garden Activity

Mr and Mrs Nice who live opposite me had invited me out to lunch today and I had accepted the invitation, but when I got up this morning and it was dry outside my gardening fingers got a bit ‘itchy’ and I really wanted to get out there and plant up the bit I did yesterday. After all, I’d bought the plants last weekend with the intention of both preparing the ground and planting them that same weekend, but was struck down by ‘distinctlackofenergyitis’. “Never mind,” I’d thought, “there’s always next weekend.”

If you read yesterday’s entry you’ll know that, although energy levels were much improved and plenty of digging was done, I still didn’t get to the fun part. It felt terribly unfair this morning, because I knew the ground was all lovely and fluffy and just crying out for nice plants instead of ‘Weed of the Year’. After checking the time, I decided there was plenty of time before I had to get ready and I deserved to do the ‘instant transformation’ bit. So I did.


From the left: (View at flickr for notes of what’s what.)

Blog pic

And the right: (View at flickr for notes of what’s what.)

Blog pic

And a special close up of Mr Fatsia just because I love his leaves:

Blog pic - Fatsia

And finally, since I go on about it so much, here’s a stone pile snippet.
Here it is way back in April – when it was mainly big lumps of rubble:

The spoils

And here it is today when it seems to have become stones of all sizes:

Blog pic - The Stone Pile

Incidentally lunch was lovely, and when I got back I had enough spring in my step to sprinkle some more bark around the morning’s planting. Even did a little bit more digging in a generally rhubarb oriented direction.

Right…I must stop. Michael Palin’s new travel series has just started and he’s my favourite Python, so I must divert my attentions to a generally televisual direction.


1 Response to “Minor Sunday Morning Garden Activity”

  1. 1 jackiesgarden September 17, 2007 at 10:39 pm

    Alright! Look at you! I can’t believe you got all of that done. It all looks so beautiful – and just think how thick and rich it will all look next year. Now….what exactly are you going to build out of all those rocks????

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