Quick round-up

I think I may have finished the bulk of the ‘hard-stuff’ in the garden (although compared with what lots of other people are doing, it wasn’t particularly hard really). Actually, I think I finished that last weekend. I know going forward, there’s always going to be something that will need doing (which is good because I enjoy it), but it’s weird to think that the ‘design’ that I’ve had brewing in my head for the past few years is actually out there. And what’s more – I think it looks okay!

I’m looking forward to watching the plants I’ve chosen start maturing a bit. Everything looks a bit ‘wee’ at the moment. (Bless.) I have all my fingers and toes crossed that I’ve chosen some nice things that will  good and compliment (or is it complement?) each other, and that I won’t want to rip everything out in disgust. There’s bound to be a few mistakes though.

I’m also looking forward to perhaps being able to relax a bit more outside next year (assuming we don’t have the noah-esque rain again) and actually being able to look at the plants rather than being up to my elbows in weeds, stones and other assorted stuff. 

There are still a few things to finish off: about 1/3 of the lawn to replace,  some trellis to go up to disguise the greenhouse (and then some plants to disguise the trellis), stone pile to get rid of etc.  But other than that, going forward, I hope the jobs will be more or less of the regular maintenance variety. I also seem to have about a million bulbs to plant:

Blog pic

I’ve been accumulating them over the year, and until I piled them all out together I didn’t realise I’d got as much as I had. I have a thing about alliums though. I’ve always wanted some of those ‘pom-pom-y’ ones, and it seems I’ve got plenty now. I just have to think where I actually want the things now! Howabout in front of the not quite up yet trellis?


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