Times they are a-changing

Well the clocks are anyway. This is my least favourite weekend of the year. We lose British Summer Time. I really don’t care about that extra hour in bed tomorrow morning. I’d rather keep the slightly longer evenings. 

I hate, hate, hate, hate, that until the end of March next year, I’ll be going home in darkness at the end of the working day. I can feel my heart sinking to the bottom of my feet already. I think it’s knowing that I’m trapped inside during the best bit of the day that tips me over the edge. It seems a waste! (Hmm….what am I saying there…!?!)

Perhaps I need to fly south for the winter. Dreams, dreams, dreams…

Couldn’t do much in the garden today. It was too damp, so I would have got a bit mucky and I just wasn’t in the mood for that. (I did fill the green bin with clippings from and overgrown ceanothus from the front garden – I’m starting to suspect that getting that ceanothus was a mistake. It’s got BIG far too quickly, and I have a nasty feeling that cutting it back will just encourage it to get BIG again as fast as it can…) As far as the back garden is concerned, the only thing I can really do at the moment is plant out bulbs, but they’ll just have to wait a bit.

Anyway, after filling the bin, I went for an exciting trip out to Homebase (loo-roll holder and soapdish) and Staples (box-file) and Currys (signal booster*). I ended up paying two visits to Currys because I couldn’t connect the damn signal booster. The cables didn’t seem to have the right ‘ends’. I confidently told the sales chappy that “I’m not thick with this sort of thing”. He obviously thought “Yes you are” and had to patiently explain about 20 times how the cables should slot together. (And there are only two.) Eventually the penny dropped and I realised I’d been trying to connect them back to front. So I slunk out of the shop feeling silly, took it back home and lo and behold the cables did actually have the right ‘ends’. So there you go, I am thick about these things occasionally.

I get to spend three and a half hours tomorrow afternoon in a smallish hall with about a million teenagers. Aren’t I lucky? (Well it feels like a million anyway.) I do the music for a kids drama group, and we’re about a month off a production, so it’s stepping up a gear. This means it will probably rain in the morning, and be lovely in the afternoon and I’ll be wistfully staring out of the window wishing I was outside doing something useful. (Don’t listen to me – I do enjoy it really. I’m just in a grump about the clocks changing.)

Ah well. Time to start changing all the clocks in the house before I go to bed I suppose….

* In my quest to solve the ‘why-can’t-I-get-all-the-freeview-channels-downstairs’ conundrum, I’ve been undertaking research and have discovered that digital freeview TV comes in ‘multiplexes’. There are 6 in the UK – 1, 2, A, B, C and D (no idea why it’s not 1-6) and each multiplex is responsible for transmitting several channels. It turned out that all the channels I couldn’t view were on multiplex D. I can get the said channels upstairs, so started wondering if a signal booster would do the trick. And yes it does. Go me! So now I can get Virgin1 and FilmFour. Spiffing. I hope I find something I want to watch on them now. 


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