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I’ve always been short for my age…

Me 'n' Woody

(And yes – I make no apologies for being a bit of a chick lit gal. Wish I’d thought to photoshop out the silly shelf adjustment holes in the bookshelf though. Wish I could photoshop them out in real life as well.)


Slightly over-excited!

Well…. I was watching BBC breakfast news this morning before work and they said “send us your Autumnal photos” so I did, and guess what….

Foggy day

They bloomin’ showed it

My version of the Explore page!

I’ve been laughing like a hyena ever since I found out. I’m glad I was sad enough to set the recorder before I went off to work. I didn’t bother checking it when I got home though as I didn’t think for one moment they would show any of the five I sent in, and then at about 9.30pm I got a text from a friend who’s husband whose husband had seen it this morning.

I nearly passed out from the delirium of hearing my name read out on national British TV (the Beeb no less!) and have been suffering from mild hysteria ever since. Perhaps the most amusing thing is that Marti Pellow from Wet, Wet, Wet will have seen my photo because he was still on the breakfast ‘couch’ from the immediately preceding interview.

What larks!!

Season of mists….

It has been gorgeously foggy all day today. Typically Autumnal, so I went out and had a go at trying to use the Nikon D40 to capture some scenes that summed it up. I think I see what Peggy Archer meant about the lens that came with it. I find it pretty hard to tell how focused I’ve got it. I’ve often thought I had the image nice and crisp, only to be completely disappointed by a blurry mess when I view the images back on the screen.

At first I thought it was because I’m a little bit short-sighted, but now I think it must be the lens. I’ll have to treat myself to a better one soon. On an aside, it is proving handy that I’ve mastered contact lenses. I’d forgotten just how awkward wearing glasses and trying to use a small viewing lens on a camera is – with spex I find myself peering over the top of the glasses – so that really does mean a blurry image!!

Anyway, over at Haughton Hall. The leaves were literally raining out of the trees. They made a noise as they did it too – like a giant bowl of rice-crispies. I can’t say I ever particularly remember leaves being noisy while falling off trees before. I wasted about ten minutes trying to get a decent ‘leaf in flight’ shot before giving it up as a bad job and concentrating on the misty scenery.

Here are the ones I like best (cropped on the laptop via SnagIt as I can’t be bothered to fire up the PC and do it the proper way):

Foggy day

Foggy day

Foggy day

Foggy day

Foggy day

As it was still foggy this evening, I went back and had another go. These are the best two results. Not tooooooo bad seeing I don’t possess a tripod and it was a slow shutter speed. Only one person caught me squatting inelegantly on my haunches so I could keep my elbows on my knees and minimise camera wobble. So….only vaguely embarrassing.



The bottom one reminds me of Narnia. I keep expecting Mr Tumnus to poke his head out from behind that lamp….

Do you sudoku?

I go through phases where I’m hooked on sudoku, and I’m in a bit of an ‘on’ phase at the moment. However, I’ve been doing the same sudoku puzzle for about 3 hours now and am getting increasingly frustrated because I’ve only filled in about 9 numbers so far.

This particular grid is 16 x 16 with the numbers 0-9 and letters A-F. It’s a tad difficult. This normally makes me all the more determined to solve it, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this one is going to beat me.

If I stick to my usual rule of not going to bed until it’s finished, I won’t be going until 2008 at the earliest. I’ll have give up in a minute otherwise I’ll have that annoying thing where you can’t sleep because everytime you close your eyes you see a sudoku grid with all the numbers dancing around.

Perhaps this little guy can give me a hand?

Do you sudoku?


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