Season of mists….

It has been gorgeously foggy all day today. Typically Autumnal, so I went out and had a go at trying to use the Nikon D40 to capture some scenes that summed it up. I think I see what Peggy Archer meant about the lens that came with it. I find it pretty hard to tell how focused I’ve got it. I’ve often thought I had the image nice and crisp, only to be completely disappointed by a blurry mess when I view the images back on the screen.

At first I thought it was because I’m a little bit short-sighted, but now I think it must be the lens. I’ll have to treat myself to a better one soon. On an aside, it is proving handy that I’ve mastered contact lenses. I’d forgotten just how awkward wearing glasses and trying to use a small viewing lens on a camera is – with spex I find myself peering over the top of the glasses – so that really does mean a blurry image!!

Anyway, over at Haughton Hall. The leaves were literally raining out of the trees. They made a noise as they did it too – like a giant bowl of rice-crispies. I can’t say I ever particularly remember leaves being noisy while falling off trees before. I wasted about ten minutes trying to get a decent ‘leaf in flight’ shot before giving it up as a bad job and concentrating on the misty scenery.

Here are the ones I like best (cropped on the laptop via SnagIt as I can’t be bothered to fire up the PC and do it the proper way):

Foggy day

Foggy day

Foggy day

Foggy day

Foggy day

As it was still foggy this evening, I went back and had another go. These are the best two results. Not tooooooo bad seeing I don’t possess a tripod and it was a slow shutter speed. Only one person caught me squatting inelegantly on my haunches so I could keep my elbows on my knees and minimise camera wobble. So….only vaguely embarrassing.



The bottom one reminds me of Narnia. I keep expecting Mr Tumnus to poke his head out from behind that lamp….


1 Response to “Season of mists….”

  1. 1 uphilldowndale December 18, 2007 at 8:15 pm

    Scrumptious photos, re the Narnia shot, my favourite of the set, can you return when it snows, the ice queen might be lurking.

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