Deck the halls…

Christmas and me (or “Christmas and I” if you want to be grammatically correct) don’t always get on particularly well, but in an attempt to feel a little bit festive I ventured up into the loft to retrieve the Christmas tree. Getting my box of decorations out is always an interesting experience since it’s a bit of a tight squeeze to get both me and the box back down the loft ladder at the same time (and I’m not large believe me).

Anyway, the tree went up, the twinkly lights came out, the decorations went on and then I amused myself for the next couple of hours trying to take fancy artistic photos of the tree without using a flash so as to get nice “cosy” colours. Unless you have a tripod this is practically impossible. Still…it kept me off the streets and out of trouble. Here’s my best (i.e. least blurry*) effort.

Deck the halls...

I’m due to start a digital photography class in the New Year. I really hope I learn some tricks…

* since I wrote the above I’ve been to bed, fallen asleep (eventually), got up again, realised (despite my claims to the contrary) that the picture is actually very blurry, so I thought I should qualify what I meant. This sort of blurry is deliberate. Since I’ve been a member of flickr, I gather the fancy term for deliberate out of focus blurriness is ‘bokeh’. I am by no means a bokeh master though, and should you care to have a look around flickr you will find some absolutely brilliant examples. So by ‘not blurry’ I meant that I hadn’t wobbled the camera.

Not wobbling the camera is fiendishly difficult in dim light without a flash because the shutter needs to stay open a bit longer to capture the scene. This is why camera tripods were invented. I don’t possess one of those though and had to resort to alternative means to limit wobble. The tree is on a table, and for this shot I think I was ‘lying’ on a chair (like an upsidedown beetle), with my head jammed against the chair-back to keep still, my feet jammed against the table edge to keep them still, and my knees up on my stomach as a ‘tripod’ to keep the camera still. It possibly would have worked better if hadn’t kept on laughing though.

If you do go and have a look around flickr, beware – it’s the sort of fascinating site that, if you’re not careful, will steal whole hours and days from your life.


3 Responses to “Deck the halls…”

  1. 1 hedgewizard December 16, 2007 at 12:56 am

    Heh. It’s like the end of a flashy intro sequence for a movie… you know the bit, you fart around in extreme closeup for five minutes while the titles roll, and then slowly pan out to reveal… it’s been a christmas tree all the time! By the way – blogmeme alert, if you fancy it – I’ve tagged you as a good writer. Check it out, m’girl.

  2. 2 annabelle December 16, 2007 at 5:53 pm

    I see you’ve been practicing yoga again…you just don’t know it. Really, how much can a tripod cost? I’ve put it on Santa’s list.

    And yes Mr. Wizard…she is a lovely writer.

    (I wanted to exclamation point all over this…but see it is verboten in these circles. Well hell, I never claimed to be a good writer!)

  3. 3 nezza December 17, 2007 at 10:00 pm

    Mr Wizard – that’s exactly the sort of schmaltzy imagery I was going for. hehe. Thank you for the blogmeme thingy. I was touched since I generally write a whole load of twaddle and over-zealously season it with exclamation marks!

    And Annabelle – you’re just trying to make me blush aren’t you! Hopefully the tripod shortage will be over in the New Year since I’ve put Jessops vouchers on my Christmas list.

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