Christmas Card update

I just finished scribbling the last one!


Now I just have the wrapping to sort out.


Anyone know of any sellotaping seagulls?


2 Responses to “Christmas Card update”

  1. 1 Jen December 20, 2007 at 7:10 am

    Sellotaping seagulls? I think seagulls are ok for deliveries but do you really want them staring at you disdainfully with their horrid beady eyes?

    Wrapping robins, that’s what we need.


  2. 2 nezza December 20, 2007 at 11:22 pm

    Wrapping robins sounds lovely.

    Or even Rapping Robins!

    (Hmmm…. why is your comment not showing properly…?) Ahhh…. perhaps it is now. (Fingers crossed.)

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