Nice Suprise

I’m not sure if it was genuine ‘stir craziness’ or subconcious procrastination regarding digital photography written homework, but I decided I absolutely had to have a walk this afternoon even though it was raining. (A weekly walk around the town is just about the only exercise I get at the moment. During the winter months, I generally ‘feel the urge’ on a Sunday afternoon as the ‘urgh…back to work for another five days’ and ‘double urgh…won’t see daylight at home again until next weekend’ vibes kick in.)

Before I set off, I had a quick look around the backgarden. There’s so little in it that I didn’t think I’d find anything of interest, but I did note that there are some bluebell leaves starting to poke out of the ground (which is promising since it presumably means they have survived their undiginified uprooting and repositioning last year). I was also really, really pleased to find this gorgeous little guy:

Hellebore 1

I love hellebores, but this is the first time I’ve got around to having any. They were all acquired late last summer. Most of them are baby plants which aren’t doing anything much yet, but this one was a little bigger when I got it and as a result has rewarded me with its first bloom. I love it! I’m just a little bit gutted that it’s down at the far end of the garden, which probably means I won’t get another look at it until next weekend now. (Damn these stupid short winter days….!)

The other baby hellebores look nice and healthy, but I gather it can take a couple of years before they flower, and I suspect that might be the case with them. However, I’m pleased to learn that they love to self-seed, and I’m hoping they will indeed do that in my garden. (At the moment I guess I only stand a chance of that from this chap as to self-seed the plant needs to flower.)

And to close, here’s an arty farty blurry hellebore photo.

Hellebore 3

5 Responses to “Nice Suprise”

  1. 1 vonne January 22, 2008 at 4:22 am

    Beautiful!! I have these on my wish list this year for my garden.

  2. 2 Thursday January 22, 2008 at 7:10 am

    I’m glad you said that about them taking a while to bloom – I was somewhat disappointed that only a couple of the white ones have flowered so far and none of the red ones have yet. Oh well, perhaps next year.

  3. 3 nezza January 23, 2008 at 10:35 pm

    Vonne – they’re so pretty aren’t they? And they come in all sorts of colours and ‘styles’.

    Thursday – If it’s any help, I have a link to a thing called somewhere over on the right. It’s a place you can buy plants from (although I never have), but they also have useful info and articles that you can search which I’ve found useful on occasion. 🙂 (They’re written by Alan Titchmarsh – I like him I have to admit. In a gardening sense I mean!)

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