Operation Belfast

“So what’s Operation Belfast?” I hear you ask.It refers to a shallow Belfast sink which has been around for a long time.  It used to live at the school where my mum taught until it was ripped out and due to be thrown away at which point it found itself in a new home in our front garden for about 18 years or so. When I had the front garden ‘done’ it got moved to the back garden where it has been languishing in various places unused and unloved.

Last year I thought I wanted it by the greenhouse, but it turned out I didn’t. Then inspired by something I saw on flickr I decided I wanted it right the other side of the garden, by the fence where it could have a mirror inside and become a sort of pond/bird bath sort of thing.

So I set about moving it and, to be frank, didn’t get very far at all. I’m not sure how heavy it is other than “very”. I’m pretty sure it’s a lot more than what I weigh myself. (I’m not very big.) I managed to tip it upside down on the lawn where it’s stayed ever since.

I had envisaged getting a Big Strong Man to finish the relocation scheme, but a couple of weekends ago I had the idea of rolling it to its new home. As the weather here today was so lovely (sunny, dry, not too cold, no wind, birds singing etc) I thought it was the perfect opportunity to put Operation Belfast into action.

Turning it back over the right way was the first challenge. Trust me – it’s ridiculously heavy and also completely awkward for getting any “purchase” on. (Thank goodness it’s not a particularly deep sink.) The good news is that once I got into my stride, the rolling idea DID actually work – although I think I’m going to hurt tomorrow.

I had to keep ‘jacking’ it up (using a fork) onto bricks to slide the poles back under, and the first bit was very hard going as the ground isn’t very flat. Then as I got closer to the fence I realised I would have to temporarily dig up a couple of plants (unless I wanted them to have a pancake treatment).

My pathway got covered up under a couple of sheets so it didn’t get scratched, and the last bit of positioning was largely done by me sitting on the ground and pushing it from brick to brick with my feet. Anyway, it’s there now, and I think this time it DOES actually look like it’s in the right place. (Thank goodness.)

The whole operation took a knackering one and a half hours, but it was one of those very satisfying jobs once it was done.

Operation Belfast

Operation Belfast

Operation Belfast

Operation Belfast


3 Responses to “Operation Belfast”

  1. 1 Katie February 10, 2008 at 4:11 am

    Ingenious! I always feel quietly victorious when I find a way around getting a Big Strong Man to help. I feel like I need to save up those requests for when I really need them.

    (I have a Big Strong Male friend who is so frequently asked to help people move that he actually owns clothes he wears only when he helps people move. I learned this when I asked him to help me move. His response: “Sure. I’ll remember to wear my moving clothes that day.” He actually seemed a little disappointed when he turned up and I’d moved all the stuff I could manage on my own. As in: “Is this all?” It certainly was impressive, though. There was all this stuff that I thought for sure was a two person job, but that he managed just fine alone.)

  2. 2 nezza February 10, 2008 at 10:31 am

    Yes – exactly! And I’m always worried that the Big Strong Men will think of me as the Small Pathetic Specimen. 🙂

    I borrowed a Big Strong Man to get my fridge/freezer into its new home and I thought he wasn’t going to be able to manage it, but he did. I was really nervous he was going to put his back out or something!

  3. 3 vonne February 14, 2008 at 5:18 am

    Wow! A job well done! I’d bet you found muscles you didn’t know you had the next morning. 🙂
    Hubs and I moved a small shed using your pole idea. We actually saw it on PBS, some guys were moving a large piece of granite and we decided that might work for the shed. The shed is 8×12 ft. It worked brilliantly! We did have to invite a friend over to help though. They pushed and I ran back and forth pulling a pole from the back to place in the front…back and forth and so on.
    I love your idea of using the sink for a pond. The mirror is a great idea — a reflecting pool. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the pics.

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