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I’m committed…!

No, no, no – not to the mental asylum. I went and ordered my turf (or sod if you’re from the other side of the pond) during my lunch break today.

It’s being delivered on Friday, so guess what I’m doing Friday afternoon and Saturday?!

This also means it’s bound to pour with rain Friday afternoon and Saturday making it one of those misery inducing jobs where I’ll want to wail and sob and stamp my feet, and feel extremely sorry for myself about having no-one to help me. (I should point out here that I’m sure my friends wouldhelp if I asked, but secretly I want to do it on my own so that later on when asked about the visual wonder that is my back garden I can casually say in a faux posh voice “oh yah-yah sweetie-darling, did it all myself don’t you know – completely single-handed”.)

However, the thought that my lawn will finally look like a lawn makes me cast all negative thoughts asunder. Full steam ahead.

(This also means that I will soon be able to dust off the pressure washer give the patio a long overdue blast. *jumps up and down with excitement* Sad I know, but I just love using the pressure washer!)

(Is anyone else finding the new dashboard arrangement hard to get used to? Things aren’t where I’m expecting them to be…._)


Too many projects and not enough hours in the day!

Sorry for being quiet for so long. I think I’ve just got a case of ‘too much on’ lately. I’ve been trying to finish off my Photography coursework. I’m getting there (although I have a tendency to agonise for far too long over tiny alterations in PhotoshopElements), but I still haven’t actually taken all 12 photos for my portfolio. Oops.

I’ve done 8, so there’s only 4 to go and I know exactly what I want to do. The problem (for me) is that all photos have to have people in them. This assumes you easy access to a ready-made supply of willing volunteers which, living on my own, I don’t. The problem seems to be getting me and my volunteers both available at the same time! I think I was meant to have handed it in by now, oh well… It WILL get there.

I am extremely grateful to my LA volunteers who nobly sat around at various buildings staring off into the (often not particularly exciting) distance while I snapped away to get a series of (often not particularly exciting) photos. Ah well. The course tutor did tell us to try not to use the same old buildings if we’d chosen that one. I think I’m pretty safe in that respect!

Then, whenever the weather is nice I’m trying to do stuff in the garden as I am just determined to have a more ‘finished’ looking garden this year. As it was one of those rare Saturdays where me not being at work co-incided with dry weather I decided to crack on with getting this far bit of ground ready for turf. (I’m hoping to do that next weekend, since it’s a bank holiday here meaning a three-day weekend).  This just involved trying to get it as flat, weed-free, and stone-free as possible. I used a combination of the more traditional treading down with tiny footsteps and (since my feet are so small and it was taking ages) my own improvised techniques of ‘giant ice-skating on soil type movements’ as well as ‘sitting down and patting it with my hands’. 

 Getting ready for turf Ready for turf

I’m not going to be so bold as to say it’s perfectly flat, but it’s definitely flatter. I’ll describe it as ‘smooth with minor undulations’. Hopefully nothing too noticeable. No craters to stumble into with the lawn mower for example. I must remember work out how much lawn I actually need or I can see me turning up at the turf place and having a Homer Simpson moment.

(Note to self – get around to doing that first mow of the year.)


And now time for a couple of pictures of things that are looking nice in the garden at the moment. My aubreita is out and looking fab – especially when it’s sunny. I’m a sucker for purples and lilacs so I always enjoy these in the spring. It’s just a shame it’s only a spring baby and doesn’t last right through the summer.

There’s three different types of aubreita in my garden and I’ve just about managed to get all of t hem in the photo. Light and dark purple and you can just about see a hint of the burgundy one at the far top of the picture. It’s only a hint because of the three, it’s the one that is less rampant.

And this is one of my heucheras (heucherii?? – who knows…). It’s definitely my favourite. It’s such a gorgeous colour. I was very stupid to put it at the far end of the garden though. I should have put it where I can admire it from a window. Ah well – we live and learn.


And to finish – I’ll leave you with a glimpse of the lovely evening sky we had yesterday…

Perfect sky

(It’s back to being grey and overcast today. Oh well… teaches us to be grateful I suppose.)

Off to the dentist

Unfortunately I need to have a filling/cavity repaired. Looking forward to it like a hole in the head.

No pun intended. Well okay – small pun intended.

Promise I will eventually get around to writing something about my trip to the states.

Edit – back from the dentist. For some reason I was really nervous, but I needn’t have been. The whole thing (including injection numbing time) only took 15 minutes. My nose is numb now. It feels very weird. I hope I don’t dribble (from either mouth or nose. 🙂 )

Bet you can’t guess which side I had the injection on!

Dental treatment survivor


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