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If all else fails, hug your teddy bear

I saw that motto on a car bumper sticker the other day on my way into work and it sort of sums up how I’ve been feeling lately. I’m sort of stuck in the glums  lately – especially at work – and when I get like that it ends up being a right effort to be bothered to do anything. Felt particularly demoralised at work this week. I really don’t know what to do about that at the moment. So naturally I’m doing nothing! LOL. I just hope that life, the universe and everything will sort itself out eventually.

That’s not strictly true. My latest hope (no doubt inspired by my £50 win last month – first ever*) is that I’ll win the big one on the premium bonds so I can jack in the job, invest the dosh, live off the income and maybe earn a bit more income doing something I actually enjoy. My latest rose-tinted fantasy is to spend my days pottering around a plant nursery. (I’m sure it would be warm(ish) in the greenhouse during the winter months). So to increase the odds of that happening, I took proactive action and purchased a couple more of the bond thingies.

Or maybe pursuing the web-design thing. Or perhaps even the photo thing.


At least it was a nice sunny evening today – and breezy.  (Bit on the nippy side for June really.) I’d been wanting to play with these windmills for a while and it was just perfect for that. Who could stay miserable with colours like that? By the way, for the uninitiated – it’s MEANT to be blurry! It’s called motion blur. (Would have been a cracking example for the old photography course, but alas – I’m too late for that. Never mind…)

* And I’ve had them since I was 2 years old…


Warning – very boring post

We’ve had some nice warm and sunny weather lately and things are starting to get going in my little garden. The yellow alliums are looking good. I’m quite pleased with how the photo below turned out.


My geraniums are looking nice too. My favourite is this one because it’s not too ‘blousey’ or in your face. (The photo’s not as good as the allium one though..!)

Geranium - Katherine Adele (I think)

I’ve also been able to put my summer bedding in, so there will things more or less through whole garden at last. Hurrah! I was trying to not to be too brash with the colours I picked, but I feel I may have completely failed in that regard. Oh well…! It should still look pretty hopefully. Will aim to have a picture online soon.


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