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I really should point out that there was also an Uncle on the groom’s side of the family doing “proper” photos! He knows his stuff way more than me. He was a photographer for British Aerospace so spent most of his time photographing planes – often “air to air” pictures while he was travelling in small jets and things as they did strange manoeuvres!  *stomach lurches*

However, he’s also done the odd wedding too.  It was interesting watching him work actually. My cousin had asked me if I’d like to have a go at the bits like when she and the bridesmaids were having their hair and make-up done and getting ready etc, and then just to sort of ‘float around a bit’ and be sort of ‘background’.  I willingly accepted the “challenge”. LOL.

I have to say I’m not sure I’d ever want to be a proper wedding photographer. You have to be quite “bossy” to get people to do what/stand how you want them, and I’m quite shy so that would be a bit stressful. But I think I could quite fancy working alongside a photographer and sneak around doing the ‘secondary’ or ‘background’ stuff. 🙂

It obviously “helped” that I knew my cousin too. And the whole thing was very calm and relaxed. I’m sure a lot of weddings are very highly strung affairs. My cousin isn’t the sort to let things faze her really (unlike me…!). For example, the day before the wedding her hairdresser was rushed to hospital. (Pregnant lady – been fainting – not coming out of hospital for a few days. * )

Now I’m sure most people (me included) would have thought this was on the same scale as the end of the world, and have to put their heads between their knees and breathe into a paper bag for at least 2 hours. However, when I found out what had happened, I didn’t hear the word ‘panic’ to describe the situation. Instead I gather this “flustered” my cousin for about 15 minutes, then she ran to the hairdressers around the corner, and it was all sorted. Lifesaver! They even managed to have a quick run through of the bride’s hair that afternoon. What a star!

I’ve decided my next piece of photographic equipment needs to be an external flash unit. The built in flash on my camera isn’t really all that strong.  That would also mean I wouldn’t have to have the ISO setting quite so high for some pictures. Plus you can generally swivel the flash thing (see I know all the technical terms) so it’s not pointing right at your subject so you don’t completely wash them out.

Think I know what I’m spending my birthday vouchers on!

* Our thoughts are with the original hairdresser. We all wish her a speedy recovery and sincerely hope everything is okay with the pregnancy.


Here comes the bride..

One of my cousins got married yesterday, and they asked me if I’d like to have a go with some photos. I very much consider myself still a beginner, but they’re not too bad I hope.  Here’s a few, and as I have 600 pictures to go through, no doubt I’ll be clogging up my flickr stream with more over the coming days…

The bouquet

I know I’m biased, but I reckon she looks absolutely beautiful.

The blushing bride




It was a lovely, lovely day.


Can you show me some ID please?

Does anyone have any idea what this is please? I assume it’s some sort of bee? (It was bee-sized anyway.) I’ve never seen a bee with just a white stripe before. They’re normally yellow or orange-y aren’t they? He was trying to get through my patio door, and was completely missing the bit where the door was wide open (in that way that only winged beasts can).

 What is it?!

And here’s the moody shot where he started buzzing angrily and telling me to put the damn camera away.

Attack of the killer winged thing


My latest ‘thing’ with photos is stitching several photos together to make a panorama. I am definitely going to have to start going on more walks so I can find some more views to try it out on.

Here’s one from Tuesday. (Please click on these to view larger versions – there is a woman walking her dog somewhere on this one…)

Where's Wilma?

And another. (Just for Nathalie!)

And finally – not a panorama, but I just like this one.
Back up the hill

Went for a walk

We had a rare day of warmth and sunshine yesterday, so I decided to go for a walk. I love walking, but I rarely get a chance to do it. Or I rarely make the effort – or something! But anyway, I have signed up for a sponsored walk next weekend in aid of this year’s “sports and social” chosen charity at work, and I thought I ought to do a little practise, and see if my walking trainers are okay etc etc. So here is my walk:

Out of town, under the motorway bridge, and up to the first stile.

Over the stile, along the edge of the field, saying hello to the dog walkers going the other way. Come across a tiny trip-trap bridge. Don’t think any goblins lived underneath it though.
Another one of those slightly pointless stiles

Paused to reminisce at the Christmas Day pointless stile…(now covered in summer)
Overgrown slightly pointless stile

Then off over through the field. Looks inviting?
Wandered through a field....

What’s that through the gap in the hedge?
Through a gap in the hedge

More field..!
Up over the hilll

Spot a flash of red amongst the wheat? Barley?
Flash of red

Paused to admire the furrows in the ground…
Paused to admire the furrows in the land

…and to smell the Cow Parsley.
Smelt the cow parsley

Back up the lane – which way to go?
Stumbled upon an old sepia roadsign

A bit more than a flash of red catches my eye.
Spotted more than a flash of red....

And then back over the motorway and into the field of gold.
Found a field of gold

Perfect sky…
Saw a blinding light in the sky

Then back home along the abandoned lane…
And finally home...

Passed the photography course

Well, today I was told I move desks/departments/floors tomorrow. BOOOOO!

But, on a brighter note I found a message on my answerphone at home saying I’d passed my photography course. HURRAH!

It’s all gone wrong

If you’ve been kind enough to read my offerings for a while, you’ll know I’m in the middle of some upset at work. My new role – the one I had no choice about doing and don’t want to be doing – was at least on the same team. That was just about all that made it tolerable.

That is no more. Yesterday I was told the company is re-structuring. They’ve created a whole new company division and I’m being moved into it. This means I’m leaving the area I’ve worked in since 1999. The one thing that was making the unwanted role tolerable was that I was at least still sitting with the people I liked working with.

I’m somewhat on the upset side. I could be moving as soon as 14 July.


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