I’m not a fan of shopping – especially during the school holidays. I lack the shopping gene – the thing that makes it fun. Sometimes I think I fancy going to the shops, but once I’m there I don’t generally have the patience for it. I seem to become invisible (except to the people who desperately want to do that threading thing on my eyebrows) and it’s impossible to walk anywhere in a straight line etc etc.

There was one little incident today that brightened things up. I bought a few things at Asda, including a bottle of wine, and before she checked it through, the girl asked me how old I was.

This has happened to me a few times in the past but I thought I’d managed to grow out of it – the last time was in Marks and Sparks three years ago. I know shops do have to check and I appreciate why, but I’m 35 now – which is a bit alarming in itself. I can’t look that young any more can I?

Apparently so. Flattering and embarrassing in equal measures.

She was a trainee – and I suspect I was quite possibly twice her age. It took a bit of a battle, but I did manage to persuade her in the end (only because I’d happened to get a new phone today, and my DOB was in the paperwork for that – although that’s not official proof). Daft thing is, I won’t even be drinking it. It’s part of a birthday present for my aunt.


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