This year I am going to….

Things to achieve in 2010.

  1. Wear my contact lenses more so they are not so much of a waste of money!
  2. Get my landing light fixed – it hasn’t worked for about 18 months at least.
  3. Get the rendering on the outside of my house repaired.
  4. De-clutter in general a bit – loads of stuff I never use.
  5. Make more cakes – and not just cherry loafs (or is that loaves).
  6. Do more work in the back and front gardens.
  7. Learn more about photographic techniques and take less boring photos!
  8. Get the kitchen ceiling replastered perhaps?
  9. Grow tomatoes in the greenhouse
  10. Actually eat some of them for a change.
  11. Try and do a picture a day and upload to flickr.
  12. Get out and about more and climb some more Shropshire hills.
  13. Get rid of my mum’s stamp collection which I have absolutely no interest in and never will.

I like having a list that I can try and cross things off.


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