This is just a “journal” of all the inconsequential things I find myself doing that I’m sure no-one would be particularly interested in. But since everyone likes to indulge themselves in thinking they have something ‘important’ to say, this is me.

Some bullet points that cover the major factors in what it’s like to be me:

  • Not very tall
  • like pottering in the garden
  • like photography
  • not very energetic
  • would like to have a someone special
  • would like to be somebody’s someone special
  • fascinated by planes – I love watching passenger jets make their way across the sky – wonder where it’s going and reasons for the passengers journeys.
  • fascination with planes sometimes leads me to listen to air traffic control over the internet. *blush*
  • would maybe like to have a couple of flying lessons one day.
  • would love to sit in the cockpit of a 747 during take off and landing
  • dark chocolate is a million times nicer than milk or white
  • really hate cooking
  • not a christmas or birthday fan
  • lazy about eating and drinking enough sometimes
  • only child, lost both parents by age 18. don’t miss my dad because I don’t remember enough to miss him (was only 5), sadly I don’t miss my mum because she wasn’t particularly motherly.
  • was seriously messed up over emotions towards mother. more or less sorted out now.
  • wish I could remember what my dad’s voice sounded like.
  • scared of wasps.
  • slugs make me want to throw up
  • can’t bring myself to eat fish or seafood.
  • developed a thing for Keanu Reeves about 6 years ago while watching Pirates of the Caribbean (yes I do know he wasn’t actually in that). He always makes the bad thoughts about wasps, slugs and eating fish go away. Loveliest smile in the world, voice like dark chocolate, beautiful eyes.
  • bit more confident than I used to be but still some work required there
  • prone to fits of being maudlin but wish I wasn’t
  • love LA. Ideal job would involve spending 50% time here and 50% time there.
  • love reading
  • love blue skies – either blue, blue, blue or blue with fluffy white clouds

Will add more as I think of them.


1 Response to “About”

  1. 1 jackiesgarden April 14, 2007 at 1:24 pm

    Hi! I’ve been watching the progress in the yard – and it looks great. I’m excited for you, too. There isn’t much I like more than gardening – unless it’s reading. I’ll be back to see what you are going to plant and how it goes, this is fun!

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