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Passed the photography course

Well, today I was told I move desks/departments/floors tomorrow. BOOOOO!

But, on a brighter note I found a message on my answerphone at home saying I’d passed my photography course. HURRAH!


It’s all gone wrong

If you’ve been kind enough to read my offerings for a while, you’ll know I’m in the middle of some upset at work. My new role – the one I had no choice about doing and don’t want to be doing – was at least on the same team. That was just about all that made it tolerable.

That is no more. Yesterday I was told the company is re-structuring. They’ve created a whole new company division and I’m being moved into it. This means I’m leaving the area I’ve worked in since 1999. The one thing that was making the unwanted role tolerable was that I was at least still sitting with the people I liked working with.

I’m somewhat on the upset side. I could be moving as soon as 14 July.

If all else fails, hug your teddy bear

I saw that motto on a car bumper sticker the other day on my way into work and it sort of sums up how I’ve been feeling lately. I’m sort of stuck in the glums  lately – especially at work – and when I get like that it ends up being a right effort to be bothered to do anything. Felt particularly demoralised at work this week. I really don’t know what to do about that at the moment. So naturally I’m doing nothing! LOL. I just hope that life, the universe and everything will sort itself out eventually.

That’s not strictly true. My latest hope (no doubt inspired by my £50 win last month – first ever*) is that I’ll win the big one on the premium bonds so I can jack in the job, invest the dosh, live off the income and maybe earn a bit more income doing something I actually enjoy. My latest rose-tinted fantasy is to spend my days pottering around a plant nursery. (I’m sure it would be warm(ish) in the greenhouse during the winter months). So to increase the odds of that happening, I took proactive action and purchased a couple more of the bond thingies.

Or maybe pursuing the web-design thing. Or perhaps even the photo thing.


At least it was a nice sunny evening today – and breezy.  (Bit on the nippy side for June really.) I’d been wanting to play with these windmills for a while and it was just perfect for that. Who could stay miserable with colours like that? By the way, for the uninitiated – it’s MEANT to be blurry! It’s called motion blur. (Would have been a cracking example for the old photography course, but alas – I’m too late for that. Never mind…)

* And I’ve had them since I was 2 years old…

This time next week…

…I will hopefully be on a plane somewhere between Newark,  New Jersey and Los Angeles, California.

I am a little excited.

A couple of years ago, I discovered you can track flights via a site called I have been tracking what will be “my flight” from Birmingham to Newark religiously for, oooooooh, at least two months every day at work. It’s quite good becuase the flight lasts more or less the whole working day, so it’s an indication of how long I have to stay at my desk before I can escape.

I think I can almost start packing. 🙂

Mysteries of Life

The following things are always a mystery to me:

  • Why, when I’ve done my food shopping at the same supermarket for years, the person in front of me at the checkout always has a trolley full of stuff I’ve never EVER seen before.
  • Why BMW drivers never, EVER use their indicators. Especially on roundabouts.
  • Why electrical cable of any sort self-tangles no matter how carefully you store it.
  • Why you start going to bed at 10.20 and finally climb under the sheets at 11.45. How does this happen? Where does that hour and 25 minutes go?
  • Why, when I’m driving and there’s suddenly a fairly narrow gap for two cars to pass in, I will breathe in and lean away from the other car as if somehow that will make my car smaller.
  • Similarly – why do I sometimes duck for branches while I’m in the car.

Do other people experience these phenomena or is it just me?

Not impressed

You may know I’m not having a good time at work lately – not that I’m implying I go to work to mess around or anything. I’m being forced (with a shoe horn more or less) into doing a different role, and I’m not happy about it. I’m just not interested in the role in question. Today I was told my manager said I could revert back to the previous role only I’d have to be downgraded.

I don’t think so thank you very much. Not when the whole point of originally upgrading me back in 2006 was in recognition that by then I’d been doing the job at a higher grade level for at least a couple of years.

(The message was delivered via my sort of team leader. I say “sort of” because someone else is sort of going to become my team leader at some vaguely specified moment in time. We’re a bit all over the place at the moment. Clear as mud and all that. It’s great for morale.)

So today was not the greatest day at the office I’ve ever had.

I’ve been doing a web design evening class with a view to maybe just completely changing my “career path” altogether. Actually I’ve been doing two courses this term (the other being Digital Photography) and it’s quite tiring. I’m going on to do another Digital Photography course next term. Now I’m considering about doing the next Web Design one as well. 

I’ve already paid for the Digital Photography one so I’m committed to that now. However, if I don’t sign up for the next level web design one, they don’t run it again until the summer term 2009. Decisions, decisions. I’m all in a muddle in my head.

Serious thinking to be done….

(Incidentally, all issues with the digital photography portfolio of 12 photos that I was previously ‘stressing’ about have now been cleared up. A contact sheet for each photo is not required after all. I’m abandoning the film titles idea and going for a different personal theme of ‘body parts’ instead. Before you think naughty thoughts I’m meaning hands, feet etc. Then I’m going to do ‘Buildings and Statues’ for the other theme – with people of course. This will hopefully be done largely while I’m on holiday in April. I’m off to LA again. Unless I was hallucinating the last three times, they definitely have buildings there. I am also holidaying with people which helps.)


I’m only calling this post Catarrh because for some strange reason (according to my wordpress dashboard) it is the search term seems to get this blog the most hits and I can’t think of anything else to call it. (Perhaps it’s indicative of what people think of me?!)

Well… just thought I’d do a quick post to say how I haven’t really done anything worth posting about lately. I’ve been trying to keep on top of the photography thing. I still haven’t had the thunderbolt of inspiration required for my ‘portfolio’ but I haven’t actually had time to sit down and think about it either.

I think I have got my photography workbook just about up to date though which is a good job jobbed. That’s the writing up about things like exposure value, aperture, shutter speed, ISO etc. It took me longer than I thought though. I have a habit of over-agonising about things, so much re-drafting and abuse of the delete key went on. 

I really must try and get my inspiration this weekend though.


(Amusingly, I just ran the spellcheck on this and the two words it didn’t recognise were ‘wordpress’ and ‘blog’….!)

(ROFL… I just re-ran it and it doesn’t like ‘spellcheck’ either. Really!)


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