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Bit under the weather…

…any sympathy gratefully received.

I’ve been working my way around the various symptoms of a cold for a week now and it’s getting boring so I’m a bit fed up and need a whinge. It started last Saturday evening with a very sore throat and a week later, I’ve arrived at the not much voice stage. (I must sound like a sound-check because every half an hour or so I go ‘hello, hello, testing, testing, 1-2-3″ just to see if I’m still husky.)

I’ve been very good and gone to bed early, stayed in the warm, made sure I’ve drunk plenty of fluids, and even missed the work Christmas Party. (Actually… if I’m honest I didn’t really want to go to that to in the first place so it was a handy get-out clause. Bah humbug!)

I’m fed up of

  • thinking I’m going to drown in my own catarrgh when I’m trying to go to sleep
  • waking up in a jolt at odd times of the night when my throat sends panicky ‘completely-dry-need-water-NOW’ messages to my brain
  • sucking lozenges that numb every part of my mouth apart from the bit that is actually sore.
  • general feelings of patheticness like not knowing what I want to eat

I also think I must have done too many sudokus (including fancy ‘jigsaw’ and ‘double’ ones) while I’ve been “resting quietly” because every time I close my eyes I see grids and numbers. So I’ve moved onto to re-reading favourite books from my childhood. I’m currently on Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild and it’s every bit as lovely as I remember it!

Anyway, can’t be bothered to moan anymore, but thank you for letting me whinge.


Do you sudoku?

I go through phases where I’m hooked on sudoku, and I’m in a bit of an ‘on’ phase at the moment. However, I’ve been doing the same sudoku puzzle for about 3 hours now and am getting increasingly frustrated because I’ve only filled in about 9 numbers so far.

This particular grid is 16 x 16 with the numbers 0-9 and letters A-F. It’s a tad difficult. This normally makes me all the more determined to solve it, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this one is going to beat me.

If I stick to my usual rule of not going to bed until it’s finished, I won’t be going until 2008 at the earliest. I’ll have give up in a minute otherwise I’ll have that annoying thing where you can’t sleep because everytime you close your eyes you see a sudoku grid with all the numbers dancing around.

Perhaps this little guy can give me a hand?

Do you sudoku?


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