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When your jars of coffee start doing this….

…you know it’s probably time to chuck them out and start again!





For those of you (Nathalie) that wanted to see it, here is my infection.

You’re probably all going “what – is that it?” and I quite agree – it looks puny. My eye’s a bit puffy and teary/watery too – which you can’t tell from the picture. And I can feel it up my scalp and stuff. It’s as itchy as ….. at the moment. Hopefully that means it’s healing.

I’ve absolutely no idea if it’s bad or not. * I was surprised when they put me on the large dose antibiotic (but then I was surprised it was even an infection!), but I ended up changing to a smaller dose because that was making me very nauseous and giving me a bad stomach.

I’ve been very run down generally this week and it’s THAT (combined with the pills!) which has been making me feel unwell. I’m very tired, headachy, weepy and my appetite is ‘up the swanny’ at the moment. I went to bed at 8.15pm yesterday. Unheard of. And that’s after spending all afternoon in bed plus an hour from 4pm lying in the sunshine in the garden. Had trouble staying awake long enough to take the last pill of the day at 10pm.

I’m so relieved I’ve been signed off all next week. I’m no good at being poorly! I know in the scheme of things I’m not even very poorly really, but I’m the sort that gets all over anxious and worried about “life, the universe and everything” and imagine everything’s a load worse than it is. (There are reasons for that.) My doctor – who has been lovely – thinks it’s stress more than anything. Rest and relaxation are the order of the day.

Anyway – I hope I haven’t put anyone off their food. Might delete this after a couple of days!

* I just did a google image search on “skin infection”. *vomits everywhere*  Mine is DEFINITELY not bad! Superficial really.