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Letter to Santa

Dear Santa

I’ve been a good girl this last year. In fact, I think I’ve been a good girl for the last umpteen years. I haven’t asked you for anything since I was about 8 (the last year before certain pennies dropped), but this year I think I will.

I would really like a positive life event please. I’m always happy for other people when they have these events, but now I really think it’s my turn. After a while, being happy for other people can start making you a bit sad for yourself.

There are two options. I don’t really mind which.

  1. A BIG win on the lottery. You know – like a 7 figure one. That way I can stop going to work, and just spend my time doing the things I enjoy and maybe meet a someone special as a result.
  2. This is actually the same as number 1, but without the money or stopping work. Basically, the present I’d really like is to stop being lonely and to have someone to mutually matter to and care about.

In return I will leave some sherry and a mince-pie for you, and some milk and carrots (strange mix if you don’t mind me saying so) for Rudolph and co, in the kitchen. Fair exchange?

Please send my best wishes to Mrs Claus and the elves, and thank them for their hard work this year.

Thank you.