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Slippy slidey

I tried to go up the Wrekin today. So did an awful lot of other people. I’ve never seen so many cars at the bottom – I was almost parked in Little Wenlock.

As soon as I started my ascent, I realised it was really rather slippery. Lots of people were sliding all over the place – including one poor lady who ended up sitting down with the sort of bump that brings tears to your eyes. I think it was the sheer number of people going up and the fact that it’s been so cold. It was ice and compacted snow really.

I got to just before the ‘cafe’ (and this makes more sense if you know quite how steep it is at that particular bit) but it was so slippery I could hardly stand upright. The higher I slithered, the less enjoyable it got as the thought “don’t forget you’ve got to come back down again” got louder and louder inside my head.  Not particularly appealing when you’ve got over £1,000 of camera gear attached to your back. I’ve never been that good on the slidey stuff. (I was always the sort of person who would fall over on the way to school in the winter and inadvertently flash her nether regions to all and sundry.) If I had walking sticks (or a sledge) I’d have risked it, but I haven’t, so I didn’t.

I decided to go right around the Wrekin instead – which, as it turned out, was just as slippery in places, but nowhere near as much up and downing, so not as lethal! There was still enough undulations to make my right knee painful though – despite wearing supports on both knees. This was rather annoying and something that hasn’t happened since April last year. (It’s something that I used to get a lot, so I hope it hasn’t flared up again – hopefully it was just my extra-braced ‘carefully-carefully’ gait on the down bits that caused it.)

I took quite a few rubbish pictures of the more snowy places which I have been unable to do anything with due to my PC being on it’s last legs and the mouse being totally unresponsive (and my lack of capability to take a good photo into the sun in the first place). So, today I present you with a find I stumbled on when I was about 90% of my journey round. One of those lovely, utterly useless and completely pointless stiles!  (Presumably it did have a use once upon a time.)

A pointless stile

They always tickle me when I see them.

I got back home safely and had a nice cuppa and sat with a hot water bottle on my knee while finishing off a book, and fortunately it seems to have settled back down again now.

*crosses fingers and toes*



My new macro lens has arrived. I’ve been having a little play with it this evening.

 Bottle top

Corona beer bottle top

I think we’re going to get along just fine! 🙂

Shiver me timbers.

Well, I had my week off and spent most of it chained to the keyboard getting the music ready for “Wizard of Oz” which will be the drama group’s next production. I was constantly singing the songs in my head which got just a tad annoying. I think a couple of my interpretations sound like something you’d expect to hear on C-Beebies (British TV channel for the very tiny), but never mind. I was also competing with the car alarm that my next door neighbour’s son was installing on his souped up motor. It’s a particularly annoying alarm that has about 10 different sounds, and changes after about 5 seconds of each one. It also loops – presumably until someone switches it off.

I know this because it’s gone off three times in the night so far. *grumbles and yawns* Never mind. I’m sure he didn’t mean it to do that although I might have to go and have a quiet word if it does it too many more times.

Thanks to my little red pills, I’m starting to “get my mojo back” (as Austin Powers might say). Feeling more positive and energy levels starting to go up. Work is mostly tolerable, although I’ve noticed if I feel stressy that thing on my forehead prickles. (My blood pressure went straight up the second I arrived back to work since some rude knoblett had pinched my chair – painstakingly set up just how I like it – and I had to run around the office to find another one – completely different style and not used to it yet – keep forgetting I haven’t got a head-rest anymore etc.)(We’re short on trivial items like chairs and desks lately. It’s been known for some of the millions of contractors who are currently crawling over the place to have ended up working from their hotel rooms.)

The first sign that I was feeling more like doing stuff was I felt like messing around with photos again. Have had four busy days in a row. Thursday night I went out for a meal with the drama ladies, Friday I went over to my pal’s house (to avoid trick and treaters), Saturday I met up with other pals that I haven’t seen for agesand Sunday I was out flickering in Shrewsbury.

Rather alarmingly – and early – we had some snow last week. At work, we all looked out of the window aghast. Well – I was a bit aghast! Snow is very pretty if all you have to do is look at it. I have a habit of (unintentionally) slipping over in the stuff. I hope this doesn’t mean we’re in for a long, cold winter.

Anyway – to give it its due, the snow waspretty. It froze overnight, so was still on my car-roof the following morning. Here’s a “close-up”. Not great because I was rushing to go to work, and completely forgot about measuring for white balance thus meaning much tinkering in Photoshop elements. Still – it’s all crystal-y and pretty! Bokehlicious in fact. (Well….maybe!)

Frozen snow on my car roof


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