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I know…

…I take a lot of very similar photos, but togging isn’t nearly as much fun if you don’t do things you enjoy.
My weakness for waterdrops continues.


Queenswood Arboretum

I had a lovely day out at Queenswood Arboretum, in Herefordshire, last weekend. It was the October meet for the Shropshire Community flickr group. We went to see the Autumn colours. The sun may not have particularly shined much for us, but the trees were lovely. In fact it rained a little, but that just made the leaves sparkle. Here’s a few of my pictures.

No particular focus



Autumn's finest

Red and Yellow


My new macro lens has arrived. I’ve been having a little play with it this evening.

 Bottle top

Corona beer bottle top

I think we’re going to get along just fine! ūüôā

Out with the old and in with the new

Well…another year draweth to a close. In a very foggy manner…


Foggy evening, Shifnal, Shropshire

It’s been a mixed one. I’m not too sorry to see it go. April was brilliant obviously, but then things always seem brighter when I’m next to the Pacific!

On the pier at Santa Monica

Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles, California

I never did get my family round for a meal, so I failed there. But on a positive note, some important things came out in the open which have hopefully helped me start to be able to lay some skeletons to rest (even if I have ended up ping-ponging backwards and forwards to the doctors). I would still like to have them round for a meal. Maybe next year!! My head’s still a bit cluttered at the moment and I can still only think about ‘so much’ at one time. Bit silly really.

Waxing lyrical

Head in the clouds

Back to 2008 – I also really enjoyed the courses I did – especially the photography one. I’m also really enjoying being part of the ‘Shropshire Flickr Community’. I’ve met up with them 5 times now – although only 2 were for the purpose of actually taking photos!

Dusk - Shrewsbury

Tower, St Chad’s church, Shrewsbury Shropshire – dusk

I think I have improved photography-wise over the year – although I’m very much aware that there’s still loads left to learn. But it would get a bit boring I suppose if there wasn’t something else to work on.

I’ve got a new lens on order at the moment. A proper macro one. I do hope it’s worth it…. *crosses fingers and toes*

Anyway, I’ll leave you with a picture I took this evening of the Christmas lights in the little town where I live. They’ve done away with a ‘real’ tree this year in favour of this steel structure. it’s made by our Christmas Lights Committee group. I have to say, I actually really like it! It’s very pretty in the dark when it’s all lit up. Our lights really are pretty good for such a tiny town.¬† The photo is a long exposure, and I like the ‘twinkly’ lens flare effect around the lights…

Shifnal Christmas Lights

Anyway – Happy New Year. May it be happy and healthy for us all. One hour and counting….


Honestly¬†– you don’t post for a couple of¬†weeks then WordPress go and change the dashboard AGAIN! lol.

I am still here I promise, I just seem to have been caught up in a frenzy of either doing music for drama or fiddling with photos (for me).

To amuse, here’s a frozen puddle in which I spotted the face of a cartoon bear. Please tell me you can see it too so I know I’m not totally bonkers. ūüėČ

It's a miracle!

Photographic connections

Well – the other day flickr wouldn’t let me log in, but that’s all sorted now. I ended up posting on the help forum, along with a load of other people from around the world experiencing the same problem. Someone ended up answering a comment of mine directly, so I had a little look at his profile and it turned out he lived about¬†4 miles from me. Co-inky-dink? Anyway, as a result I got invited to join a ‘Shropshire’ flickr forum, and I actually met up with a few of them the other night at Wrekin Arts group where we spectated at a talk by this guy…

He has the best job in the world! I’d love to take photos as good as his. (And make money¬†from it!)¬†It certainly gave us all food for thought, and I certainly came away with a bad case of lens envy.)¬†I realise now I’ve seen some of his photos in magazines and things.

Anyway. The weather is rubbish. (Lots of¬†flash flooding in the UK again lately.)¬†As far as my little garden is concerned, my summer bedding is all over really. It never properly got going anyway. Not enough warmth or sun. Instead it’s just been bashed more or less daily by rain. Hence not many garden photos. It’s really disappointing after last summer. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for next year. I’ve planted up a few cyclamen which I’m hoping will see me through until the spring. I’ve never tried them before, so I’ll be interested to see how they go.

In other news, I’m¬†finishing off going through my April LA photos.¬†Currently thinking the Disney Hall in Downtown LA is just fab. Here’s a few piccies for you.

Walt Disney Concert Hall
Sails and curves



I really should point out¬†that there was also an Uncle on the groom’s side of the family doing “proper” photos! He knows his stuff way more than me. He was a photographer for British Aerospace so spent most of his time photographing planes – often “air to air” pictures while he was travelling in small jets and things as they did strange manoeuvres!¬† *stomach lurches*

However, he’s also done the¬†odd wedding too. ¬†It was interesting watching him work actually. My cousin had asked me if I’d like to have a go at the bits like when she and the bridesmaids were having their hair and make-up done and getting ready etc, and then just to sort of ‘float around a bit’ and be sort of ‘background’.¬† I willingly accepted the “challenge”. LOL.

I have to say I’m not sure I’d ever want to be a proper wedding photographer. You have to be quite “bossy” to get people to do what/stand how you want them, and I’m quite shy so that would be a bit stressful. But I think I could quite fancy working alongside a photographer and sneak around doing the ‘secondary’ or ‘background’ stuff. ūüôā

It obviously “helped” that I knew my cousin too. And the whole thing was very calm and relaxed. I’m sure a lot of weddings are very highly strung affairs. My cousin isn’t the sort to let things faze her really (unlike me…!). For example, the day before the wedding her hairdresser was rushed to hospital. (Pregnant lady – been fainting – not coming out of hospital for a few days.¬†* )

Now I’m sure most people (me included) would have thought this was on the same scale as the end of the world, and have to put their heads between their knees and breathe into a paper bag for at least 2 hours. However, when I found out what had happened, I didn’t hear the word ‘panic’ to describe the situation. Instead I gather this¬†“flustered” my cousin for about 15 minutes, then she ran to the hairdressers around the corner, and it was all sorted. Lifesaver! They even managed to have a quick run through of the bride’s hair that afternoon. What a star!

I’ve decided my next piece of photographic equipment needs to be an external flash unit. The built in flash on my camera isn’t really all that strong.¬† That would also mean I wouldn’t have to have the ISO setting quite so high for some pictures. Plus you can generally swivel the flash thing (see I know all the technical terms) so it’s not pointing right at your subject so you don’t completely wash them out.

Think I know what I’m spending my birthday vouchers on!

* Our thoughts are with the original hairdresser. We all wish her a speedy recovery and sincerely hope everything is okay with the pregnancy.


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